• Should you Filter Bad Reviews?

    Should you Filter Bad Reviews?

    Leaving a bad review viewable to the public will do far less damage than trying to filter it and being caught doing so. Take steps to reach a resolution with the client and have them amend or remove the review themselves, if possible.

  • OSHA Backpedals

    OSHA Backpedals - What That Means for You

    Multiple rulings since have muddied the waters, but a new final ruling was issued by OSHA in January 2019 that limits electronic reporting requirements to OSHA Form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses) alone.

  • Why Electricians Need a Business Plan

    Why Electricians Need a Business Plan

    The point of the business plan is to help a business map out their business activities over a period of time. Most plans have a short term and a long-term goal. The short term covers the current year and the long term typically maps out a five-year plan.

  • Technology on the Job

    Technology on the Job

    According to the USG and US Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index for Q4 2018, technology adoption is on the rise among electrical contractors. While general contractors are adopting tech at a faster rate than trade contractors, even those specializing in trades like electrical work are experiencing an increase in technology adoption and anticipate growing adoption rates over the next three years.

  • Increase your Client Base with Electrical Maintenance Contracts

    Increase your Client Base with Electrical Maintenance Contracts

    Contracting has always been a feast-or-famine business, and even the busiest companies have slow periods and slack time. Ideally, you always have enough jobs to fill your calendar every week of the year - but keeping busy during those slow times can require thinking out of the box. When all your marketing efforts come up short, try selling a different type of service to expand your customer base.

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