5 Types of Deck Lighting Your Customers Need

5 Types of Deck Lighting Your Customers Need

As an electrician, you’re probably fairly familiar with the concept that lighting tends to be one of the most overlooked parts of home constructions – at least in so far as how they look. Sure, most people want proper lighting, but what “proper lighting” means to them is “I can see my general surroundings.” so they often don’t put much thought into the aesthetics.

Needless to say, it’s probably safe to assume that your customers feel this way about their deck lighting too; and you know what – that’s fine. Lights don’t necessarily need to look pretty to be functional, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little style illuminating the way. To help accomplish this, we’ve got a list of some types of lighting for you to suggest that your deck-owning customers will love.

Step Lights

Yes, having beautiful deck lighting is a wonderful thing, but it’s important to remember that safety is the number one priority when installing or designing anything to do with home design. It is possible, however, to combine both fashion and safety with step lights.

Step lights are able to emphasize the look of deck stairs while making them safer to use during the night. Step lights are mounted into the vertical risers of stairways and are usually quite small. They come in many different styles and shapes and are rather un-intrusive.

Solar Lights

The sun already powers practically everything on the planet in a roundabout way, so of course, it’s a viable means to light up your customer’s deck. While the installation of solar panels can require special certifications (so every electrician reading this may not be able to install these for customers) they are a great recommendation, nonetheless.

Once the solar panel is installed, it will charge a small battery during the day for around four hours which is then able to provide light for 12 hours.  The fact that some solar lights don’t require any sort of connectors, wires, or installation costs will be sure to make your customers happy too.

Recessed Lights

In this case, recessed lights act like spotlights that come up from the floor instead of the ceiling. They’re installed into the floor of the deck and sit evenly into the surface. They can be installed pretty much anywhere; under seating (like benches), into floorboards or on pavers. Recessed lights are built out of substances that are very tough, durable, and hard, so walking on them won’t really do them any harm.

Accent Lights

“Accent lights” is a bit of a catch-all term as it doesn’t really refer to one specific kind of lighting, but rather types that point downward and are used to focus on and accentuate particular items and areas. They can also be used to illuminate pathways and railings so they’re good for safety purposes too. A few types of accent lights are wall sconces, recessed lights (they’re multifunctional), and track lighting. Accent lights can be highly decorative, come in lots of different colors, and different types can even be combined with other sorts of fixtures to maximize both the deck’s lighting and style.

Post Lights

These sorts of lights are placed on top of posts along a deck’s railing and posts. They tend to be on the larger side as opposed to other kinds of lights because they’re supposed to provide light across wide areas, meaning that they can light up much of the yard surrounding the deck as well. Post lights also help characterize the deck’s entryway.

And there you have it! That’s our list of deck lighting recommendations that you can pass on to your customers. If there’s any other kind of deck lighting out there that we missed, then let us know in the comments below, or hey, just drop by with any other comments or questions that you may have. And remember to stay safe out there, everyone!

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