• 4 Simple Tools to Have on Hand

    4 Simple Tools to Have on Hand

    When you're working on a high-risk jobsite, tools can fail and unexpected situations can leave you at a loss. With so many technological advances, it's easy to forget that there are low-tech solutions to nearly every scenario. These four simple, low-tech, low-cost, everyday ...

  • Digital Receipts Made Easy

    Digital Receipts Made Easy

    Professional electricians live a life surrounded by paper receipts. Digitizing your receipts empowers you to take charge of your paperwork clutter and free up valuable space in your home, work truck or office. It also helps you keep track of your receipts so you can work them into your accounting. Digital receipts streamline the office work side of being an electrician, freeing up your time...

  • Is Your Smart Home Knowledge Base Up to Date?

    Is Your Smart Home Knowledge Base Up to Date?

    There are several ways that homes can be adapted to function as smart homes – all of which depend on the needs of the homeowner. The most common method is to use plug-in sensors and adapters or plugins featuring internet connectivity you can then control via...

  • Aptitude Testing for Electrician Helpers

    Aptitude Testing for Electrician Helpers

    Unlike an apprentice, a helper probably won’t have much, if any, formal electrical education or training, although he or she probably may have future plans for it. An electrical helper usually performs routine work assisting you, another electrician or even the whole crew.

  • Levels of Electrician Certification

    Levels of Electrician Certification

    Choosing between working as a commercial or residential electrician and deciding whether to stay a journeyman or become a master are decisions that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But the good news is, you can make good money as an electrician while you...

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