• 5 Modern Switches and Outlet Tricks

    5 Modern Switches and Outlet Tricks

    As an electrical contractor, you’re tasked with making your clients lives simpler, easier and safer. By acquainting yourself with these modern outlets and switches, you can offer clients a chance to customize their home or workspace in ways that have been...

  • Bucket Trucks for Beginners

    Bucket Trucks for Beginners

    For a busy electrical contractor, a bucket or boom truck can be a cost-effective, versatile piece of equipment that’s invaluable when performing a range of jobsite tasks. Adding a bucket truck to your business is a great way to secure a wider variety of jobs while increasing productivity.

  • Rebranding Your Electrician Business

    Rebranding Your Electrician Business

    Rebranding is sometimes necessary, as is the case with a merger, a (deserved or undeserved) reputation that’s no longer fitting or a shift in your company’s focus. Whatever your reason for rebranding, it takes the same amount of time, dedication and nearly the same steps...

  • Podcasts for Electricians

    Podcasts for Electricians

    As a business owner, one of the easiest ways to improve your business is by subscribing to the right podcast. There are hundreds of business-based podcasts available that offer solid, up-to-date advice on avoiding common business mistakes, marketing your electrical business and other subjects vital to successful business ownership.

  • 4 Contract Clauses You Should Be Using and Why

    4 Contract Clauses You Should Be Using and Why

    Most contracts contain standard language, but other special items can be added to address specific circumstances. These are referred to as clauses and although there is no real set number required, we have outlined four of the most important ones below.

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