Specialty Continuing Education can Keep you Ahead of the Curve

Specialty Continuing Education can Keep you Ahead of the Curve

Continuing education is a necessary evil, in some cases, required to keep your state licensure up to date. But continuing-ed classes can also serve to give you a leg up on the competition by giving you insight into new and emerging trends, technology and techniques. By choosing to spend your educational time on up and coming information and methods, you’ll be able to offer your clients the benefits of newer information than your competitors. Here’s just a small sampling of continuing-ed choices to keep you ahead of the curve in 2017:

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy isn’t all solar cells, which can require a whole education in and of itself to learn to install and hook up to a usable system. There’s an entire world of wind and water to explore, too. Gaining some knowledge via continuing education courses can introduce you to the varied forms of alternative energy and the challenges of harnessing them, storing the energy and accessing it for later use on a practical, consumer-level scale.

Smart Technology Integration

Most, if not all, of your clients have access to handheld smart technology in some form or another, be it a cellular phone or a tablet. With so many consumer-level electrical systems able to integrate into a user-friendly smart technology interface, it can be worth it to get a few continuing education credits on how to implement new tech into your work.

For example, if you haven’t a clue on how a thermostat works that connects to the user’s smartphone and allows them to monitor changes real-time from anywhere, including problems with their HVAC system, you’ll have a hard time selling it to your clients as a necessary service. Learn what you can about new tech to improve your sales and knowledge base – your clients will appreciate it.

Environmentally Friendly Techniques

Going green is dominating the market in nearly all aspects of contracting, including electrical. Invest your mandatory continuing education time in learning how to keep your work environmentally friendly. Not only does it make for a good selling point with more eco-conscious clients, it keeps the planet happy, too. Courses on everything from responsible material recycling to green lighting practices can add to your bottom line and keep you head and shoulders above your competition.

Radical Lighting Solutions

First incandescent lighting was swapped out for compact fluorescent lighting. Then compact fluorescent lighting was switched over to light emitting diodes. With each change in the lighting industry, bulbs are becoming more energy efficient – leading to big savings for consumers, but also challenges to electricians trying to accommodate the quirks and practicalities of newer lighting options.

A continuing education class on radical lighting solutions can shed some light on the options that have just hit or are about to hit the market, enabling you to prepare your clients for yet another light bulb switchover.

Benefits of CE for Electricians

No matter what, you need continuing education to maintain your license. Choosing the right CE classes can give you an advantage over other electricians in your area. By investing your educational time in cutting-edge trends and newer technology, you can increase your bottom line and give yourself a unique service to offer your clients.

By setting yourself up with cutting-edge information in a specialized field, you’ll also be poised to make the switch over to a specialization, if you so choose, further allowing you to become a leader in the electrical industry.


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