Staying Motivated Busy or Slow

Staying Motivated Busy or Slow

It’s not too hard to stay motivated when business is booming: you have more to do in a day than you can handle by yourself. The positive response to your business is motivation enough. When business is booming, however, you might struggle to maintain forward momentum to keep booking new clients and sustain the level of work you have now. When business is slow, it’s easy to fall into a trap of “what’s the use?” – finding motivation is particularly important during times when business isn’t coming as easily.

Set a Routine

It doesn’t matter if you’re busy or not: setting a routine is important for your motivation. Have at least a loose idea of how you’ll split your day between administrative tasks related to running your business and completing the work that needs to be done. Set a specific amount of time aside, at minimum, for business-related tasks: advertising, answering client inquiries and paperwork.

During slow times, you can focus more time on administrative tasks. During busy seasons, giving yourself that small amount of time you’ve set aside will help you keep job offers rolling in. If you have a busy week but nothing lined up for the next, the momentum can slow or stop. Don’t let it.

Set Goals

Goal setting is a way of growing your business and letting your wildest dreams become reality. During slow times, it can give you motivation in having something to strive for. Set real, but attainable goals for those periods when work isn’t flowing as easily. Whether it’s one new client or just paying the bills for the month, set a goal. Write it down and make it reality.

Busy times afford you the ability to set more unrealistic goals: meeting your year-end cash-flow goal early, for example. With each goal met, you can set a larger one to strive for to keep you going through the hustle and bustle.

Busy or slow, celebrate goals as they’re met to help you stay motivated. Whether it’s buying a new tool you’ve had your eye on or a few hours off to engage in a hobby, keep yourself motivated by rewarding yourself for a job well done.

Learn to Delegate

Know when something is out of your ability to do reasonably. During slow times, it can be hard to justify hiring another painter to help you with tasks, but it may make sense to outsource or delegate the task of advertising to a pro who can start getting new clients to hire you.

During busy periods, you may not want to focus on administrative tasks, so hiring an accountant to deal with your ledgers might free up your day to focus on the things you do well and the jobs on your schedule. Delegating or outsourcing work helps you be more efficient, which keeps you working steadily and quickly.

Busy or slow, you don’t have to do every single thing yourself. Very few businesses stay a one-person operation and succeed: learn to let go and let others do some work for you, in order to allow your business to be a success.

Staying Motivated

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself to keep going, whether business is booming or has slowed to a trickle. Your personal habits, your attitude and your ability to set a routine and stay dedicated to your business matter.

Learn to delegate or hire a professional to offset or increase your workload. Keep setting goals as you meet previous ones and celebrate successes as they occur.

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