7 Tips for Taking Instagram Worthy Photos of Your Work

7 Tips for Taking Instagram Worthy Photos of Your Work

It can be hard to show off your electrical work when the wires are intended to be hidden out of sight. How can you demonstrate your skills to potential clients? Start taking pictures! Photographs can go a long way in telling a story about your workmanship and the care that you take in your projects.

Electrical work might not seem very photogenic – but getting a peek at your process can give your customers a lot of confidence in your skills. You might be surprised by the effects of a pop of color from some wires or the strength of a well-placed tool in an image. Use these tips while photographing your work, and you’ll soon feel like an Instagram star.

Let Your Light Shine

Natural light is best for pictures. If you can, open curtains and doors to get some sunlight shining on your work area. If that’s not possible, in the case of a dark basement or hallway, use your flashlight or work lamp to brighten up the scene. The on-camera flash should be a last resort, as it can create harsh shadows which might actually make it more difficult to see your work.

Get Close and Personal

Your photos won’t look like much if they are mainly filled with a big chunk of empty wall. Bring the camera right up into your workspace, to highlight the color and texture of the wires and connections. Be sure to show off any features that demonstrate especially meticulous work and attention to detail. Be certain your work is tidy and well organized – this will go a long way toward showcasing the sort of work you do.

Take Before and After Photos

Be sure to take a picture of the mess that you were working with before, to make your final product really shine. Some in-progress photos are also helpful, as they demonstrate that you take a thoughtful and methodical approach to your work.

Use Tools as Props

Just as your tools are essential for your work, they can do a job in your photos, as well. Don’t underestimate the impact of a set of pliers or wire-strippers next to your project. Having your tools in the photo visually demonstrates the idea of effort and skill.

Be a Home-Improvement Star

It’s important to take close pictures of the work that you do, but don’t be afraid to get into the picture as well. Have a friend or coworker capture you in action, or even take a selfie next to your job. Don’t forget to smile! A friendly face next to a job well done will inspire confidence in your clients, and make you look like someone who’s approachable and down-to-earth.

Demonstrate Safety

When you pose for the camera, be sure to be wearing your usual safety equipment. Not only does it set a good example, but it also shows your clients that you take precautions during your job, while suggesting that you’ll create safe wiring in their homes and businesses as well.

You don’t need a fancy camera

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera if you don’t already have one. Most smartphones can take decent pictures these days, or you could even use a tablet or a small point and shoot model and still get great results. Being aware of the lighting and the framing of your photo will make up for any fuzzy pixels.

Are there any tips you use for electrical photographs that we missed?

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