Are Business Cards Still Worth the Investment?

Are Business Cards Still Worth the Investment?

Have business cards gone the way of the dinosaurs? Some people would like to think so – after all, we have the Internet at our disposal and anything we want is just a click or a web search away. Promotional goods call to mind your business much better than that cards can go into the trash or recycling as soon as you’re out of view. But don’t give up on those humble business cards just yet – they still have their uses.

The Drawbacks of Business Cards

More and more electricians are finding that their word of mouth referrals are reaching them through Google or other online services. With reviews easily indexed on search engines and customer review sites like Yelp! or Angie’s List, fewer people will say “so and so gave me your card.”

An attractive business card can sometimes be a substantial investment, too. While budget versions exist – some with unsightly ads that you have to pay to remove at the time of printing – premium cards that are professionally designed to represent your business can eat into your advertising budget – a cost you may not be able to justify if you feel clients or potential clients are just going to toss them out.

The Benefits of Business Cards

Despite the growing number of clients reaching you from your web presence, business cards still have a place. Older clients or those making a conscious effort to disconnect from technology may like to have the card at their fingertips or to give to their friends or relatives when making a referral.

Physical advertising locations that are free – like bulletin boards – still require something paper to place on it and business cards are grab and go.  They’re small, easy to hand out and serve a vital purpose in representing your business in the world at large. You never know where you’ll see one or when it’ll snag a client for you; business cards cast a wide net.

Business Cards Add Value 

In addition to their obvious benefits, business cards also help speak to your credibility. A client who is handed a card rather than just a directive to “look me up online,” can trust that you’re more legitimate than just your average guy on the street looking for an electrical gig. They’re also handy for writing down other useful info for potential clients — such as an estimate or other details. That way, it’s all in one spot — an added value in saving clients time and effort.

Are Business Cards Worth It?

While you shouldn’t neglect your web presence in favor of going totally old school, keeping at least a few business cards on hand is certainly worth the cost. You never know when you might need one or wish you had one – and that’s their appeal. They help spread the word of your electrical work to others, especially those who don’t necessarily rely on the World Wide Web for all their needs.

Business cards – even with professional design help, premium printing and quality cardstock – are still a more cost-effective and general advertising tool than other promotional goods and are still great to keep on hand.

Do you know how your clients are finding you? How many of your clients have said they contacted you after getting one of your cards?

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