• 8 Tips for Organizing your Electrician’s Van

    8 Tips for Organizing Your Electrician’s Van

    By investing a little time and money into organizing your electrical van, you can advertise your skilled demeanor every time you open the doors.

  • Staying Motivated Busy or Slow

    Staying Motivated Busy or Slow

    Sometimes you just need to remind yourself to keep going, whether business is booming or has slowed to a trickle. Your personal habits, your attitude and your ability to set a routine and stay dedicated to your business matter.

  • LLC vs Inc

    LLC vs Inc

    Choosing the right business structure depends on your long-term plans for your business. If you intend to remain the big fish in the small pond, then an LLC is perfectly fine. However, if you have plans to expand or grow your business, incorporating is a smarter move.

  • When to Start Planning for the Bad Times

    When to Start Planning for the Bad Times

    Planning for when things go bad isn’t fun, but it’s a necessity of business. If you want your business to thrive and survive, you need a plan in place that will keep the coffers from running dry when business gets lean.

  • Commercial vs Residential vs Industrial

    Commercial vs Residential vs Industrial

    Whether you want to read blueprints and determine the best electrical system to be installed, create specialized lighting systems for living rooms or you like making sure the new grocery store has all the power it needs, you can’t go wrong in choosing to become an electrician. There will always be a demand for people to help keep the machines running and the lights on.

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