Finding Ways to Relax During Your Off Time & Why It Matters

Finding Ways to Relax During Your Off Time & Why It Matters

“There’s no way I can catch up with work when I get back.”

“Everyone messes up when I go away.”

“It’s too much bother to book a vacation.”

Sound familiar? If you’ve used these or any other lame excuses to justify avoiding a vacation again, you could be seriously endangering your health. In a long-term health study, men who avoided vacations had a 30% higher chance of having a heart attack over 20 years. With women, that rate jumped to 50%.

Taking time to relax is crucial to your long-term health. This means spending time with friends and family members on your days off during the week, but it also means arranging one or two vacations every year where you get away and don’t think about your company for at least a week at a time. The key to that is to fix the problems that are keeping you tied to your work truck all year long.

Falling Behind in Work

Scrambling to catch up on your electrical projects when you return from vacation means you need to plan ahead more carefully before you leave. If your first week back is filled with dealing with client issues and looking for more work, it’s actually a good thing. You’ve got a thriving business; it just needs a little organization.

Begin working toward your vacation a couple of months before the actual date. Arrange with one of your managers or even a trusted competitor to handle any urgent client calls while you’re gone. You can do the same for him when he goes fishing for a week in the fall. You’ll eliminate the list of frantic clients waiting to scream at you when you return, plus you can spend the week without worrying about missing important communications.

Take care of the scheduling issues as a matter of course as you book new jobs. Block out your vacation week on your work calendar months in advance. When you book electrical projects, make sure you’ve got a full schedule set up to handle as soon as you get back – you’ll step back into place as if you’ve never left.

Problems Happening While You’re Gone

It never fails. Your business rolls along smoothly 51 weeks straight, then the one week you try to take off, a long chain of disasters strike. It’s like you’re cursed, right? It happens to more people than you might think.

The key to fixing this problem is to completely shut down during your vacation week. Make it a company policy that everyone knows about from the day they’re hired.

Your employees who earn vacation time should be encouraged to use it on your vacation dates. For those who don’t get any paid time off, help them with unemployment paperwork, since the shutdown can be classified as a temporary layoff (check your local labor laws to be sure). With everyone taking time off at the same time, you won’t have to worry about workplace catastrophes while you’re supposed to be relaxing.

No Time for Planning

If it takes too much time and effort to research and plan a vacation and you don’t have a spouse or significant other to do it for you, do what increasing numbers of people do today: rely on the internet. Pick a destination or an activity and do a search for vacations related to it. You’ll find a long list of people and companies dedicated to planning out every detail of your relaxing vacation.

The online service economy is alive and well and it caters to those who don’t have time to do their own research and detail work. How do you know you can trust them? Check some of the dozens of review sites online to find out what former clients say about them.

Have you finally broken down and taken some time off in the past year? What vacations do you recommend?

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