How You Can Benefit from NFPA 70E Training

How You Can Benefit from NFPA 70E Training

Education is an ongoing requirement for electricians and is a lifelong pursuit. While you may feel you’ve got more than an adequate grasp on fire safety and training, you can keep yourself, your clients and those around your jobsite safe by going above and beyond the OSHA mandated requirements for fire safety by arming yourself with the knowledge set forth in the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)’s 70E “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” training. Whether you’re looking for CE credits, training so you can take charge of your safety or guidance on developing safety protocols for your employees or subcontractors, this training course can prepare you.

Does it Meet OSHA Requirements?

The NFPA 70E course was developed at the request of OSHA, but it isn’t required or mandated by them. The standards taught in the NFPA 70E course fulfill and exceed OSHA requirements, and thus can help you more easily stay in compliance on the jobsite. So, the short answer is, in and of itself, that it both meets and exceeds OSHA expectations for fire safety training. In taking the 70E course, you’re more than prepared to meet jobsite safety expectations. Not only that, but the training is an internationally accepted standard for the topic. As another way of looking at it, OSHA sets the law and the NFPA 70E training helps you meet and exceed the standards of the law.

What Does it Cover?

The entire course focuses on how to minimize the risks to those working around electricity. You’ll learn how to best prevent arc flashes, arc blasts shock, electrocution and other hazards present when around energized equipment with 50 volts or more. It’ll help you learn to identify and minimize risks, which PPE is appropriate for any given situation and what procedures to follow in the event of a hazard, as well as how to properly document and treat the situation.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price for NFPA 70E training is variable. If you choose an online training option from the association, you’re looking at a price tag of almost $300 as of November 2019. In-person and hands-on training opportunities are upwards of $1,300. The NFPA also offers members of the association an opportunity to host on-site training for employers and crew leaders at an additional cost, and several workshops to help you develop a safety plan for your worksite or job crew.

How Long Is It Good For?

Continuing education requirements for electricians vary by location, and the 70E course may satisfy some or all of your CE requirements. The certification issued by the NFPA after taking the course is good for up to three years after the completion of the course, at which time you must be retrained on safety protocols — a lot can change in that period of time!

NFPA Safety Training for Electricians

While OSHA doesn’t mandate the completion of the NFPA 70E course, it can help you keep yourself and others safe on the jobsite. The safety course extends beyond the measures mandated by OSHA and may satisfy some of your continuing education requirements. You’ll be better equipped to form a safety plan and protocols for your subcontractors and employees, should you expand your business, as well.  Online training is more budget-friendly than in-person or onsite options, but there may be financial aid available in certain situations to help you obtain this vital information.

Have you or anyone on your crew taken a course on NFPA 70E?

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