Increase your Client Base with Electrical Maintenance Contracts

Increase your Client Base with Electrical Maintenance Contracts

Contracting has always been a feast-or-famine business, and even the busiest companies have slow periods and slack time. Ideally, you always have enough jobs to fill your calendar every week of the year – but keeping busy during those slow times can require thinking out of the box. When all your marketing efforts come up short, try selling a different type of service to expand your customer base.

Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

The income on these contracts can be lower than that of conventional electrical contracting jobs – but creating a maintenance contract division in your company can give you big returns on your investment. The jobs are usually the most basic of tasks, so you can generally use your most junior employees for fulfilling your contract duties. That saves your better trained and educated team members for higher-paid specialty jobs while keeping a fully-employed workforce.

By offering a free limited maintenance contract after every major contracting job, you’ll promote goodwill with your clients and increase the chances of them recommending your business to friends and family members. You’ll also keep your name familiar to them throughout the year, just in case they have a need for additional electrical work in the months ahead. When your company is the one doing regular maintenance on their home, few clients will think to call someone else for extra jobs in the future.

Electrical Maintenance Contract Details

In general, electrical maintenance contracts are meant to prevent more serious electrical issues from occurring. By checking systems on a regular basis, you can diagnose appliances and systems that are wearing out and alert the owner before they break down. This can save the owner time and aggravation by planning the repairs according to their schedule instead of at unexpected times when something breaks. Because these contracts are designed to prevent the most common breakdowns from occurring, they usually involve the simplest of systems in a home or office, including:

• Changing light bulbs on a regular basis
• Checking circuit breakers or fuse boxes
• Inspecting furnaces and air conditioners
• Finding ways to reduce energy usage
• Testing alarms, lighting, and other security system components

Types of Clients for Service Contracts

While homeowners may be your bread and butter when it comes to electrical repair work, you can increase your bottom line substantially by creating contracts with the owners of larger properties. Apartment buildings generally have more wear and tear than private homes, and even those with live-in maintenance people can suffer from electrical problems on a frequent basis. These building owners can save big repair money by hiring your company to perform quarterly maintenance checks on their apartment complexes.

The same thing is true for strip mall owners, small businesses, office complexes and restaurants with multiple appliances that need constant attention. By offering to maintain basic electrical systems throughout their buildings, you can offer these business owners peace of mind along with lower repair bills. And by lowering their maintenance costs, you’ll put your company at the front of the line when they have a need for new repair or construction work.

Connecting with realtors and property managers in your area can also be a great way to be their go-to for minor repairs, as well as being at the top of the list for tenant modifications.

Have you added electrical maintenance contracts to your list of services offered to clients? How has it helped with the slower times of the year?

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