Make Facebook Advertising Work For You

Make Facebook Advertising Work For You

It can be confusing to understand advertising in the ever-changing digital age. Decades ago, you could create a simple ad for a billboard or newspaper and be sure that it would reach an audience. These days, though, digital marketing is far more effective, but it can be overwhelming to try to understand the types of ads that are available, and how to best reach your target audience. This post should help eliminate some of the frustration.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

With Facebook advertising, you have the potential to reach a large number of customers. Facebook is still one of the most widely used social media platforms for adults in 2020. You have the option to target your ads to a particular audience, which will normally give you better results than a more general ad campaign.

Create a Business Page

Having a business Facebook page that is separate from your personal account will give your company a professional appearance. It also makes it easy for customers to find your business and be able to quickly start a conversation about your services. You can even set up a chat dialogue with frequently asked questions to help get people started in learning more about your business. Your page can also direct customers to an additional website for more information.

Understand Your Target Audience

You’ll want to make sure that you’re aiming your ad at local customers who are able to take advantage of your services. If you advertise towards too wide of a geographic area, you’ll be paying for ads that aren’t reaching potential customers.

You can adjust the audience that sees your post based on several factors:

● Location
● Age
● Gender
● Interests
● Behaviors

Of these characteristics, location is the most important for electricians, since your business requires physical labor. It would also be a good idea to target people who have recently searched for electrical work in your area or people who are interested in home improvement.

Sponsored Post or Advertisement?

Facebook may offer to boost a post that was already part of your page’s content. Boosted posts tend to sound more natural, and will appeal to people who are already following your page. For instance, you might want to boost a post about a special promotion or a new service that you’re offering. These boosted posts will be seen by more people than would otherwise see that particular post, including some followers who might not have seen it in their feed. It will appear like a regular post, except for a note that says it was sponsored by Facebook.

A Facebook ad is a better choice if you want to reach an audience that has never seen your page before. Facebook will ask about your marketing objectives, which will help them steer you to the best type of ad for your business. Unlike sponsored posts, you can also choose where the ad appears on the page for Facebook users. This makes it less likely that a potential customer will scroll right past your post.

Track Ads That Are Working Well

There’s no single “right way” to go about advertising on Facebook, so you’ll want to keep track of the results that work best for your business. You might want to try a few different varieties of advertising when you’re first starting out. Through Facebook’s Post Engagement tab, you can view how many people liked or shared your post and use more of the most successful type of advertising in the future.

Have you tried Facebook advertising? What was the most confusing part for you?

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