Pros and Cons of Using Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

Pros and Cons of Using Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

One of the most obvious forms of advertising for a business is a full-color, full-coverage vehicle wrap. They’re nearly impossible to miss, and they travel all around town promoting your business for you. As you consider advertising options for your own business, here are some pros and cons you should consider when it comes to vehicle wraps.


When you see a vehicle that’s wrapped, you notice it. Whether it gives a good or a bad impression depends on the design, colors, and quality of the wrap, of course, but when you see a bright green van with a bold logo and a catchy tagline, you tend to remember it.

You probably know that most customers won’t cold call you just because you’re the first electrician they find in a Google search. Customers are more likely to trust a company that they’ve had more positive “impressions” with. An impression is any way a person interacts with your business: a mention from a neighbor, a positive Facebook review, your logo on the t-shirt of a local group you sponsor. If your wrap looks good and is in pristine condition, your vehicle becomes another positive impression that you drive all over town. Thousands of people will see it every week, and you don’t have to do any advertising work beyond the initial up-front cost.

This is especially true if you have a fleet or if you decide to have your personal as well as work vehicle wrapped. The more vehicles you’re driving around with your information, the more positive impressions you’ll make.

No doubt about it, a well-wrapped vehicle looks professional. Showing up to a job in a clunky old van with rusty paint isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but having a clean, slick-looking van with your logo and colors that match your work shirts definitely gives the idea that you and your business are professional and trustworthy.

Charge what you’re worth
An important thing about creating authority is that it allows you to charge what you’re worth. Your rate obviously depends on lots of factors, like the quality of the materials you use, how quickly you work and what kind of guarantee you offer. But by driving up to a job in a vehicle that looks professional, you set the expectation for the customer that you care about your business, that you invest in it and that you’re willing to do a little extra to do the job right. All of those things can give potential customers the impression that you’re worth what you charge.


The major downside of wrapping your vehicle is the cost. This varies a lot depending on factors like the size of your vehicle, whether it’s a full or partial wrap and the quality of materials and installation. It’s probably safe to assume that you’ll be spending somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000. And if you have a fleet, that cost multiplies. This is a pretty hefty amount for any small business, and it’s hard to say if the value to you in advertising will offset the initial cost.

If your truck or van already has a nice paint job, vinyl lettering might be a better option. It won’t stand out as much as a full wrap, but you can get high-quality lettering for around $200-$600 that will advertise your business and give you an air of professionalism.

How long it will last
The length of time the wrap will last may also be a turnoff. A wrap will generally last somewhere between 3-7 years, with many companies guaranteeing 5 years. With such an expensive up-front cost, that may not seem like very long. And once it starts peeling, you definitely need to replace it. A bad wrap job is going to make a very negative impression on current and potential customers.

On the flip side, if you need to change your logo, colors or any of the information on your wrap, you can’t change it without replacing the entire thing.

Bottom Line

If you can afford a full-color vehicle wrap, it can be a great way to advertise and make your business appear trustworthy and reliable. If the cost is too high though, vinyl lettering with your name and logo will still help with advertising and professionalism without breaking the bank.

We want to hear from you! Have you gotten a vehicle wrapped? Was it worth the expense for your business?

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