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Originally Posted by John Valdes View Post
Another right wing falsehood. You have been listening to way to much talk radio. While I think ADHD is over diagnosed, it is real and I have seen some children and adults do remarkably well with medications.
Just like depression. Everyone is diagnosed with it while only a few actually have it.

Holistic I see.
Just because you are one in many that made a real success at this work does not mean every one will do as well as you have. In fact very few will ever do as good as you have.
We are just giving our opinions of the trade. Our opinions are as worthy as yours. Right?
What a hypocritical response that is. I gave him my opinion of the trade which I believe to be a good trade and you pounce on me for that?
My life story has nothing to do with the fact that it is possible to turn electrical into a damn good way to earn a buck if you set your mind to it. Those who sit in a pile of do do all day smell like they deserve is all I can say.
Nationalize all foreign owned farmland now. Now.
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Most ADD/ADHD cases are prediagnosed by "educators". Doctors will usually agree and prescibe meds. ADD/ADHD is real, but the only way to truly diagnose, is with an extensive brain scan, and that is rarely done. I have only known one kid who I believe needed meds. That kid was on a little league team I coached and I couldn't get through to that kid at all. He reminded me of an animal.
The key is for teachers to make learning fun. A lot of teachers have no control or are like Ben Stein and the kids act up, because there is no fear.
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rightwing falsehood!!!!!!!!!!priceless!
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As a child I would have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, I am hyper active, cannot keep my mind on track and know what? That makes me what I am.
Had I been drugged out as a kid I doubt I would be the electrician I am.

Drug them up, dope them down, then wonder why as adults they are lethargic lazy asses. Yet when Ton Cruise (SP) says he thinks these drugs are bad, he is called crazy as horse sh*t (he is but not for his stance on drugs).

There are many good drugs for folks with mental disorders, but they are way over prescribed. There was a school near here where any kid that was a problem child they wanted the kid drugged. All bull crap.
Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now

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nitro71 (12-04-2010)
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Originally Posted by miller_elex View Post
Josh, you should consider finishing at least one enlistment before doing anything else. The service is looking to train people in the electrical and mechanical fields. Nowhere else will they haphazardly train a young man and then put him in charge of millions of dollars worth of equipment with lives on the line.
Good advice miller does yellow make you sad?
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It is a very good trade the best, so get at it.
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Christ, I have never seen so many people crap on a young mans aspirations before.

It's a great trade with a lot of rewards if your willing to go after it. I have seen many kids who gave it a half effort and dropped out prematurely. When I got in the trade @ 19, an old guy told "what you lack in knowledge, make up in hustle."

I do agree that you should finish College first. You have probably noticed that the trades are currently at a record low but the unfortunate part is the many of the country's employment is as well.

Anyway, keep your head up and if people tell you that you cant do it, screw them, prove em wrong.

BTW- at least a quarter of my apprentices have been diagnosed w/ ADHD. Many of them have told me that they seem to focus better when they are working on something they are interested in. Good Luck
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The truth is only one out X is any good, I think X = 7or8, others may disagree. Are you gonna be that one? A lot of probably depends on why your getting into the trade. Is it because electricians don't have to work hard and get paid a lot? If so your in for a big surprise. If your clumsy and have been told you lack common sense, don't bother. If it's because your good with tools and mechanical stuff and your looking for a career that will pay off in the long run, you might make it.
When ls lunch?
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This thread is a good eye opener for new people getting into the trades. This isn't a office job with a HR department riding everyone. It is what is. No sugar coating on here. And ADD along with Ritulin is BS in my book. Now every kid that doesn't get put in line by his parents once in a while is diagnosed with it. BS!
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