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General Electrical
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Electrician Apprentice Forum

Apprentice Related Discussion including, testing, joining the union, documenting hours, licensing, what tools should they have, and more.
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Electrical Trade Topics

NEC Code Forum

All chapters including General, Wiring and Protection, Wiring Methods and Materials, Equipment for General Use, Special Occupancies, Special Equipment, Special Conditions, and Communication Systems.
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Other Codes and Standards

UL Standards, BICSI and TIA/EIA Standards, and Building, Fire, and Health Codes for Electricians.
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Primary and Secondary linework discussed here.
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Lighting Design

Residential and Commercial Lighting Design.
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Services and Service Equipment

Residential and Commerical Services and Service Equipment.
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Structured Wiring

Phone, Data, CATV / Video, Distributed Music, Paging & Call Boxes.
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PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls

Discussions include PLCs hardware and programming, VFDs, troubleshooting Motors and Controls, instrumentation and Analog controls, Robotics, and Industrial electronics.
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Vintage Electrical

Discussion, pictures, and vendors related to vintage electrical installations.
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UK Electrical Forum

UK Electrician Forum
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Canadian Electrical Forum

Canadian Electrician Forum
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Residential Electrical Forum

For topics that are specific to residential electrical work
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Commercial Electrical Forum

For topics that are specific to commercial electrical work
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Industrial Electrical Forum

For those that work to a engineering standard in the Petro-Chemical,Power Generation,mining and heavy industries of any type.
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Alternative Energy Forum

Solar, Wind, and other forms of alternate energy discussed here.
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Union Topics

Discuss electrical union issues and topics here. If your sensitive to this topic please stay out.
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Tools, Equipment & Safety

Workplace Safety

No other topic is as important as this one. Safety first!
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Code Violation Discussion

This is the forum where we learn from others mistakes. Please, NO SPECIFICS such as names, companies or locations.
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Tools, Equipment and New Products

Everything from new products to vehicles. It's all here.
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Electrician Swap

Buy & Sell used equipment and tools here. ELECTRICIANS ONLY!
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Business, Marketing, and Sales

The business of contracting discussed here. Everything from starting up a new business to expanding a successful one.
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For Sale or Trade

For members to sell or trade tools or supplies that they may no longer have a use for.
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Electrician Employment Classifieds

Looking to hire or find work in the electrical trade?
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Featured Electrician Pros

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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Anyone know what size socket opens up ground boxes? I know it’s a penta socket just not sure of best size. I’m getting results from 7/8 , 15/16 to 51/64
  2. Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I’m fooling around with stacking boxes. The Milwaukee organizers are almost the exact dimension as the Bosch L-Boxxes. They don’t clip together, obviously, but they sit on top nicely. I put the Milwaukees on top because the Bosch boxes are durable and made in Germany, the kind of quality you...
  3. PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    This poucher machine that I'm rebuilding, uses a 550 touch-only which uses operator passwords. Unfortunately, the equipment dealer doesn't have this information so I'm planning on accessing the program to find them. Anyone here familiar with these?
  4. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Working where I do we have a lot of boathouses that very in size and come with tones of mechanical equipment. In my experience I have never had issues with boathouse main breakers tripping, but now because of new code rules section 78 we need to protect the feeders on shore before they continue...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    Hey all. So I've been following the ground rod at detached garage thread. I'm getting ready to do basically the same project for a gentleman who's listed his home for sale- so basically, a flip at this point. Since the vast majority of my experience is on ships and comms, i lean very heavily to...
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