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  1. 240v 3 phase corner grounded delta (b phase) HELP!

    General Electrical Discussion
    So I'm doing a side job and the coustmer had asked me to replace old rusty panels n breakers for new shiney ones!! So here is my main question. With a 240v corner grounded delta (b phase) so I need a special panel and breakers specifically for grounded deltas .. or will the normal 240v 3 phase...
  2. 3 Phase 3 Wire Questions

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    After having SCE fix a fault in one of our buildings that has a 3 Phase. Apparently their line in was not grounded at the pole. So now that is fixed I have the following questions. There are three wires coming in from the Meter Box to the Safety Switch. 2 are 240V and the 3rd is 0 volts. Im...
  3. 3 Phase Generator Output

    General Electrical Discussion
    Could someone please confirm my understanding of 3 phase generators power output. I'm in Australia so all calculations are in 240v A 30kVA generator in total can provide a theoretical maximum of 30,000/240 = 125A which would be 41.6A per phase? Using a power factor or 0.8 we get a total of...
  4. 240v 3 phase corner grounded delta and 240v single phase loads

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I am trying to figure out if powering 240v single phase loads will work with a 240v 3phase corner grounded delta system. The system is a 240v 3phase corner grounded delta system with "B" phase intensionally grounded. I have multiple 240v single phase loads and (1) 240v 3 phase load. I know...
  5. 3 phase 120/208V with a grounded neutral question

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Gentlemen, I’m hoping you might be able to help me with a question regarding a 3 phase PDUs and its proper receptacle in a data center environment in Japan. The PDU we were given to work with has a L15-30 plug. Our power source is 3 phases of 120V and a grounded neutral. Ultimately, I want...
  6. 3 phase AC

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm a newbie and need help with a new 300W 3Phase 12v wind turbine. I also have an ALEKO SWC503 wind/solar hybrid controller. Turbine has 3 unmarked wires. Controller has 3 inputs for these wires marked A, B, C. Does it matter what wire goes where ? Instructions are sparse, ALEKO won't...
  7. Converting a 3 wire 3 phase aux panel to 4 wire

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Long-time listener, first-time caller. Please be gentle I have a 200 amp, 240 volt, 3 phase auxiliary panel with 3 #3/0 copper ungrounded (hot) conductors and a #4 copper grounding (ground) wire to a non-insulated ground bar bonded to the panel. I would like to add some 120-volt circuits to...
  8. Stand-alone panel or sub-panel?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have an outbuilding that was formerly used in an industrial application, monitoring seismic equipment. It was completely functional and wired with it's own main shutoff switch, a 600v -->120/208 3 phase transformer and 200 Amp main panel (100 Amp 3 pole main breaker is already installed). When...
  9. Electrical Theory question.. phase balancing

    General Electrical Discussion
    3 phase 4 wire 120/208 system. Phase A pulling 50 amps, phase B pulling 50 amps, phase C pulling 0 amps. Is the neutral carrying a load? Or is does the system balance and leave no load on the neutral. OR would phase C need to pull 50 amps as well to fully balance the system. Possibly the same...
  10. Odd application: Phase converter and step up or Generator?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, wise ones of electrical ways. I am primarily an industrial/commercial flooring contractor, however we do some residents, and If I have to rent another 35 kva tow behind I may lose my mind. We mainly do Polished concrete and Resinous Coatings, we use a lot of 480v 3phase machinery. For...
  11. Corner grounded Delta

    General Electrical Discussion
    What is the purpose of a corner grounded delta configuration? It seems pointless. I was checking out a friend's new storefront that used to house a lumberyard. His son, who he said is an electrician, had setup a subpanel feeding mostly 120v receps, etc. It wasnt until he ran everything that he...
  12. Wiring generator to a mobile lab, 480vac to 240vac and other questions.

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I am an electronics engineer, and i have been tasked with bringing a mobile lab up to code for use in the US. While i have a decent handle on most things related to 120v wiring, and of course most things dealing with lower voltages used by electronics, but anything above that and i...
  13. education resources

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    hey all im going to complete my third and fourth year of school this coming year and just wondered if any of you had any websites a guy should check out to brush up before im back in class. cheers,
  14. NEC 430.250 - Amps drawn per phase

    NEC Code Forum
    I am calculating loads for three-phase motors using NEC 430.250. Can anyone tell me if the amps listed in this table are per phase or the total amps drawn by the motor?
  15. Cable Maximum Allowable Current

    General Electrical Discussion
    My factory will install 75kW 3 Phase Motor (415V) and by using 3C x 35mm2 Armoured Cable. Based on IEC standard, is that the cable enough to withstand the maximum current produce from 75kW motor? Please attached the IEC data if available. Thanks.:)
  16. Heater amp draw on 3-phase

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm trying to set up 3 electric heaters in a system plugged into 240V/3phase arranged in a delta. Each heater draws 30A. A diagram of what I want to build can be seen at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ph7lVxtvhaTV93NXhiRldINlk/view?usp=sharing Will the amp draw on each leg be 60A? I think...
  17. Star Or Delta Motor

    General Electrical Discussion
    Our existing equipment in factory used the following spec of 3 phase motor. 5.5kW 415/S 1430/63 RPM Now the above "Star" motor was damaged, can we change it to the following spec of 3 phase motor? 5.5kW 415/D 1400/63 RPM Thanks.:):)
  18. Cable Maximum Allowable Current

    General Electrical Discussion
    By now, I have 3 Phase motor (2.2KW) connected to 3 × 1.5 mm2 Cable. Then I want to replace it with the new motor which is 3KW. Is that 1.5 mm2 cable able to support the 3KW motor? I would like to know how to calculate the maximum allowable Ampere/KW flowing through the cable 3 × 1.5 mm2. Any...
  19. 2500amps 120v from 3phase 480v 800amp service

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I do not do much work with 3phase 480v, besides wiring equipment to it; I am wondering if this is possible for the service we have it. My boss is looking at installing a 2500amp 120v service for a prototype project for a new design. I can't go into detail because he does not want it to leak...
  20. Single phase 208(2 wire) vs. Three phase 208 (3 wire) circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone, i had a question hope you guys can help. Ive come across 3 phase 208 circuits(3 hots) and single phase (2 hots) circuits. And was wondering what the differences were. I do know that in both line to line = 208v but dont know the differnces between both