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  1. Raise or new job?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, Not new to this site but first post. I am looking for the more experienced for some guidance. Basically I feel as though I am underpaid for all the work that I do. I know everyone feels this way, but I am following the bosses right hand man cleaning up his mistakes or lack of caring. I...
  2. CW for Local 68

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi, I just applied to the local 68 in Denver. I have 6 months as an apprentice at a non union job. It seemed like they don't have any work till after the holidays which is fine. I'm not sure how to ask this but here goes. The guy I was talking to said to drop in and say hello if I was driving by...
  3. Electrical Career Paths

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi I am a first year apprentice, started a couple months ago on a construction site that is residential/commercial. My question is what are my options as far as career paths in this Trade goes? What are the careers inside of construction, and outside. For the more experienced electricians out...
  4. Service Contract Do's and Don'ts -Wisdom Needed-

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hey everyone, looking to get some experienced feedback on service contracts. Here's my specific situation: Been working for a large electrical contractor on a large scale public works project at a major state university for the last 2.5 years. While I've been on this project I've obtained my...
  5. Killeen Texas Apprenticeship

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    I am currently trying to become an apprentice in Killeen, Texas, but I'm not really sure how to go about it, and I have only a very basic understanding of electricity and algebra (I barely passed algebra in high school). I am also not sure whether I should join a union or not. Do I need to take...
  6. help need on getting a apprenticeship!

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello y'all. I am new to the forum, and I'm a 18 year old aspiring electrician. I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia, but I don't know where and how I could find and get an apprenticeship. I have searched on the internet for my area and found nothing. I want to be in the union, can anyone...
  7. Becoming an Apprentice in due time

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Tyler Howell (20 years old). I am from Norton, VA, and I am currently a first-year college student at Mountain Empire Community College. It hasn't taken long for me to realize that there are few useful majors, and that college--for the most part--is a scam. I may be wrong but...
  8. Advice for a Prospective Female Apprentice?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for this, but it seemed the best fit... It recently came to my attention that our local is hiring electrician apprentices. I understand how to use basic hand and power tools, as my father is a carpenter, and my s/o is a union millwright. In...
  9. first icf job

    Residential Electrical Forum
    hey I am going to be working and my first job with Insulated Concrete Forms. any advice would be a great help :help:
  10. Career shift to automation and control advice

    General Electrical Discussion
    I got my electricians licence a few years ago working in commercial construction throughout my apprenticeship, and since then I've been really thinking that automation, control, and programming is what I'm really interested in pursuing based on the little bit of experience I've had with PLC's in...
  11. Getting into the trades in Ontario Canada

    New Member Introductions
    First off, welcome to the site. Just to save a few posts and searching here for you on advice on getting into the trades in Ontario, Canada: Start HERE this is essentially the starting point for apprenticeships in Ontario. They will have ALL your answers to getting into the trades in Ontario...
  12. Frustrated Aspiring Electrician

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I am trying very hard to become an electrician, I have completed a pre-apprenticeship program and have work experience as a labourer for an employer who promised me an apprenticeship which never happened. I honestly feel it was no fault of my own as I am highly motivated and felt...
  13. Recommended Books For A Trainee?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am Interested in joining the trade! I have thought about this decision for a while now, and I have my mind set. I am asking what books/online courses/programs would you recommend for a trainee? I am open to all suggestions and recommendations:thumbup: Thank you!:) -MOBRichard (17 Years Old)
  14. Aspiring To Become An Electrician!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is MOBRichard. I am 17. I have been interested in becoming an electrician for a while, and now I've decided to take action. I came here for advice and tips to help me. At the end of the day I would like to own my own company. I live in California. I just thought I would drop a...
  15. wiring an old milling machine,have some questions.

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    A company wanted to relocate an old milling lathe, that had previously been hooked up in their building. there is a control cabinet directly on the machine, with limited access, and a disconnect in between the machine and the panel. the wires had been removed from the load side of the disconnect...
  16. Hello all, I could use a little advice :)

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there, Heard good things about the site, happy to be apart of it. I am starting an apprenticeship this upcoming Monday and am just looking to make sure I am in a good position to excel. What exactly is expected of a first year electrician? I have a fairly good understanding of...
  17. Hello all! New to the forum and to Canada!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all some great info/posts, the forum has been a huge help already! I have recently moved from Ireland to Toronto,ON (10 months ago) and I am looking at challenging the 309a exam over the next couple of months so I would really appreciate some advice? I am fully qualified in Ireland and have...
  18. Advice on landing a non union apprenticeship?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am very interested in learning the electrical trade. What is the best way to get my foot in the door on an apprenticeship? I have replied to a few craigslist adds but I want to really get my name out there to increase my chances. Also, do new apprentices usually get 40 hours a week? I would...
  19. Advice for what to do while on the waitlist for apprenticeship, Local 332

    Union Topics
    I had my interview at the end of October 2013 and received about a 75%. I spoke with the training director at the JATC and am ranked about 250 on the list. Though it is disappointing as I will most likely not get called in anytime soon I would like to hear from others union guys that were in a...
  20. Memphis Apprentice/New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I've browsed this forum a lot, first time posting though. I'm 20, have read a lot and talked with folks in the trade. That being said, I'm ready to dive in and start an apprenticeship. I'm ready for the hard work, and I REALLY want to LEARN. If I'm an electrician for the rest of my...