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  1. AFCI circuit breaker keeps tripping intermittently

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a 3.5 yr old house and my AFCI circuit breaker attached to my master bedroom started tripping intermittently. I disconnected everything from my outlets and still see the tripping happen. The only electric equipment connected are a ceiling fan and recessed lights. I have seen the tripping...
  2. Problem while replacing gfci

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello evenryone! I encountered some issue during gfci installation and appreciate any input from you. Thank you very much! I bought 30 or 40 gfci and afci and the ones both with gfci and afci to rewire the whole house. I have an experienced electrician who replaced everything for me. But during...
  3. AFCI breaker tripping when load on separate circuit

    New Member Introductions
    I have a GE breaker panel with GE circuits. There is a 20 amp AFCI circuit feeding a microwave, which works just fine and never trips during normal use. However there is a specific scenario that causes a trip. There is a Marley Architectural Wall Heater on a separate, double pole 30 amp...
  4. AFCI Main Panel and Standard in Subpanels?

    NEC Code Forum
    I am working on a remodel and we are putting in a new main panel and converting the old main panel to a subpanel. My question is whether anyone has tried using a 100AMP AFCI breaker in their main panel and then kept the existing, old-style breakers in the subpanel. And the follow up is: did...
  5. All AFCI's tripping in panel.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Anyone run into a issue where all AFCI's are tripping in the panel? This is the 4th time in about 6 months that this has happened. It was a remodel that was updated to 2015 codes (Only the AFCI's trip) all other breakers are the same. Any help would be appreciated. :)
  6. Another arc fault problem

    General Electrical Discussion
    I think I learned something new this week. - I put a dedicated circuit in for a customer for her micro-hood and it trips intermittently. (Maybe every 3 weeks or so.) I tested the insulation resistances, looked at my work, and then I used the Siemens Intelli-Arcl tool on the circuit and found the...
  7. AFCI Omissions

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    New code says we don't AFCI protect counterplugs, island plugs and peninsula plugs. We also don't AFCI bathroom receptacles. In the 2015 code handbook it says the purpose of this rule is that AFCI protection is not normally required on a GFCI circuit or receptacles. Seems like they missed a...
  8. Shared neutral, hot leaking to neutral or ground, and...?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi, The original goal is to put some knob & tube on AFCI circuit breaker(s) for safety. I do this a lot since I work in old homes. I was testing receptacles with a plug tester to see if some grounded receptacles might be on non-grounded circuits. I got all 3 lights to come on! I tested...
  9. New AFCI Code giving us problems

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a general contractor in Tacoma and every since July 1 2014 the new, at least I am being told this from my electrician, is he has to install AFCI in place of the old stand by breakers. What is happening is they seem to be less forgiving than the old ones. We have a client that has a rather...
  10. Arc Fault Metal Conduit / Armor Requirement

    NEC Code Forum
    I'm on the 2011 NEC. 210.12(A) says that if I want to use an AFCI receptacle down stream from a standard circuit breaker, to protect the branch, then I must have metal conduit or metal armored cable between the panel and the 1st receptacle on the branch and then the AFCI receptacle is installed...
  11. AFCI / GFCI / Voltage drop testers

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    In my quest to spend ever more money on new gadgets I have decided it's time for an AFCI tester! Plus, this may save some time with voltage issues in trouble shooting; in the past year I have been called 4 or 5 times and done a visual inspection to find burnt up lugs or connections ...I'm not...
  12. Would you replace AFCI with Standard Breaker?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Under what circumstances would you replace an AFCI with a standard breaker, if any? Some jurisdictions require AFCI's if a new SE or sub-panel is installed, in old wiring. I've had the AFCI's tripping for no good reason and wonder what others are doing.
  13. AFCI Mystery

    General Electrical Discussion
    Why would a pc in a garage trip an afci on another circuit? It is a Siemens 20 amp afci breaker.
  14. 2P arc fault breakers being eliminated?

    Services and Service Equipment
    I went into the SH the other day, and asked for a 2P AFCI breaker for a GE panel. There is a MWBC or two in a panel swapout, and the requirements for this job is that all circuits possible be AFCI protected. Anyway, I was told that GE no longer makes 2P AFCI breakers in 15 or 20A.:blink: " use...
  15. AFCI Breaker Nuisance Tripping

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have having a nuisance problem with a 15a cb it keeps tripping randomly when there is barely any load at all. This breaker protects a bedroom that has one incadesent fixture and four receptacles. The only thing that is really used in this room is a computer and printer. I heard that some times...
  16. siemens' AFCI circuit trouble shooter

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    There's always a lot of talk about the time consumed trouble shooting AFCIs circuits. What I want is the fastest way to trouble shoot an afci circuit because I am amazed at how many electricians won't touch that job -and this will only increase now that 2008 is in place. I've already had a...
  17. AFCI in kitchen lighting circuits

    General Electrical Discussion
    I was asked today by my journeyman if lighting circuits in resi kitchens need an AFCI. The lights on the circuit are only in the kitchen. I looked it up in the code book and kitchens, as far as I can tell, aren't on the list of rooms where it is required. I was wondering if anyone on here...
  18. Arc Faults

    Site Help and Suggestions
    Arc Faults, are they required on all bedroom circuits lighting and recepts or just recepts ? I have heard both.