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  1. maximum amps consumption from electricity bill

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I have an electricity bill of the whole year, from that how can I know how many maximum amps are consumed in a single day, I am looking for an answer the client wants to make sure that the new changes and addition of equipment will not affect the current panel board to be changed, the store is...
  2. 240.4B2 breakered above wire ampacity???

    NEC Code Forum
    what does 240.4B2 mean? here's an example: 1/0 XHHW is rated for 150amps. we have air conditioner [or whatever] with a actual load 125 amps. 125% of 125 amps = 156 amps but these is no such breaker. if the next higher breaker is 200A, would I be allowed to use that? this is an example only...
  3. Ampacity and deratings

    NEC Code Forum
    Hello, folks: I must take an examination on Friday and am struggling a bit with problems pertaining to ampacities and to the proper procedure for derating ampacities. I show below a sample problem and my proposed solution. I would like to know whether or not the proposed solution is correct...