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  1. New Member Introductions
    Good morning: Am pleased to register on this website. I would like to become an electrician yet where do I post about this topic? Am looking to get opinions from you all about the field, but I don't want it to sound redundant as I think you probably get this kind of post. I studied physics...
  2. Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi everyone im new on here and thought id ask to see if there was a way to get my foot in the door of a local 58 shop. I took my test and did my interview about 4 weeks ago. I really want to start this career as soon as possible! I cant seem to find anywhere online where it lists what...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys. I'm looking for a apprenticeship, are there any states that you guy would recommend trying? California has a high unemployment rate. companies out here aren't looking for apprentices.
  4. Union Topics
    Took the test last week, placed level 4 apprentice and I start in two weeks. Having a hard time getting a tool list though, anyone at 613 out there that can help?:001_huh:
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all...I'm a newly indentured apprentice inside wireman out of Local 357. Is anyone aware of work coming up? Been on board since july 18th. Getting restless waiting around to be called. Hoping that someone has some info regarding work for apprentices around Nevada. Any info will help. Thinking...
1-5 of 5 Results