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  1. IBEW 353 Aptitude test questions?

    Union Topics
    I was just reading up on local 353 and I found out it's one of the hardest locals to get into as there are literally thousands of people in every intake, and only 100 - 200 get accepted. I want to have a grasp of what I will be challenged with during the aptitude test, by finding out what you...
  2. Post-Aptitude Test

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    just took my test today and im just curious how long itll take to know what i scored and how detailed the scoring will be
  3. Do I need to take the aptitude prep course?

    General Electrical Discussion
    This seems like I'm almost being scammed. I was introduced to this apprenticeship opportunity by my girlfriend through her father, and it all seems pretty self explanatory. I'm just getting finished with STEM MAT 195 in college, and they are both telling me there's no use even trying if I don't...
  4. Rescheduling the aptitude test?

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    I have my NJATC aptitude test coming in two weeks. I've been trying to cram for it. Math has never exactly been my strongest subject and I just barely managed a passing grade in Algebra 1 in high school. I understand math skills are important for electricians, but I feel like it's something I...
  5. IBEW apprenticeship process

    Union Topics
    First I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire forum for being such a great source of information. Using this site I learned a lot about what to expect from the IBEW intake process and how to better prepare myself for the tests and interview. So here I am trying to pay it back...
  6. Telecommunications Apprenticeship Program

    Union Topics
    So after a year of anticipation, I recieved my letter to come take the aptitude test for Local 98. I looked over the sample question book and I'm pretty sure the reading comprehension and math sections won't give me a problem. Are there any mechanical questions or is it just math and reading...
  7. HR & Skills Development Canada

    General Electrical Discussion
    This site below basically tells what someone should expect when becoming an electrician and the aptitude they should have. http://www10.hrsdc.gc.ca/ES/English/ShowProfile.aspx?v=213
  8. Should I go union?

    General Electrical Discussion
    My electricity teacher told me that with my grades, and the math I have taken that I could easily get into the Union. He lined me up to take their aptitude test, and I want to know if the Union is something that I will want to be in. I am still going to take the test regardless, to see how I do...
  9. Can't get accepted

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    This will be my 3rd attempt at the I.B.E.W. apprenticeship program aptitude test.:censored: I love electrical work with a passion and I don't see myself pursuing any other career. It's just the MATH. I can study and understand the equations (most of them), but when it comes down to test time I...