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arc fault

  1. Wagos causing arcfault/gfi breakers to trip

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've been posting on this forum about problems that I've been having with a large house that was recently trimmed out. Arc fault breakers would trip under NO load. I would not detect faults between hot/neutral hot/ground and neutral/ground. The breakers are type CH. Wago's (push in wire nuts)...
  2. CH GFI breakers tripping, timers and dimmers malfunctioning

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am having trouble with a 5000 sq foot house i just trimmed out. The main panel is 200 amps. There is solar and 2 sub panels in different parts of the house. All breakers are from the cutler hammer series and are type CH. I have been experiencing GFI breakers tripping for no apparent reason...
  3. Arc faults in College

    NEC Code Forum
    We are in NC, working electrical maintenance for a college/seminary campus and the associated housing. Our state is currently operating under NEC 2011 and will be updating to NEC 2014 in April. This has caused a discussion between my boss and myself to come back up again. When we do new...
  4. 120V fan forced heater and AFCI

    General Electrical Discussion
    Anyone had trouble with a fan forced heater on an AFCI? I recently installed a circuit for a customer who provided his own fan forced heater made by Berko, and the circuit is now tripping. I have to go and check the circuit but I do think the problem is most likely due to a cheap motor and the...
  5. Multiwire Arc-Fault

    General Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with trying to arc-fault protect a multiwire circuit? I was told by the engineer at Eaton Corp. that I could use a two pole arc fault breaker. (I have pasted a link for a breaker that Eaton Corp. tried to send me or one similar to it. Their engineer said this...
  6. equipment grounding conductor

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am attempting to run some AC cable to my first outlet box and I plan to use an arc-fault receptacle to meet the code requirements of 210.12 (B) Exception #1 - My question is whether or not there is a limitation on the length of run of the AC cable to the first outlet box. 250.118 states that...
  7. Arc Faults

    Site Help and Suggestions
    Arc Faults, are they required on all bedroom circuits lighting and recepts or just recepts ? I have heard both.