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  1. Switch need to be in the same room as light it controls?

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I know in section 30 it states where in a residential occupancy you need a luminaire and that it needs to be controlled by a wall switch, but has anyone ever run into a problem with controlling all the luminaires from automated switches centralized in the utility room and controlled by a control...
  2. Career shift to automation and control advice

    General Electrical Discussion
    I got my electricians licence a few years ago working in commercial construction throughout my apprenticeship, and since then I've been really thinking that automation, control, and programming is what I'm really interested in pursuing based on the little bit of experience I've had with PLC's in...
  3. Help! Automation ?

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    So i have a customer who is building a huge room train set . He had already had an electrician come in and wire multiple switch and outlet feeds. He wants to be able to hit a button and one set of lights gradually come up and then every 6 mins one set fade out and another come on and just keep...
  4. 8Kw Generac E-Z Switch Monitoring

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a Generac 8Kw with EZ- transfer sw. All works fine but was wondering how 194 and 23 (12v) could be used for automation control. When gen is calling for transfer, 194 is grounded (or vice versa- I don't recall). I need an output from either the generator or switch to send a signal for...
  5. Automatic control of momentary switch

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a bank of 49 8' florescent lights controlled by several momentary switches. I want to send a pulse of electricity to simulate the 120v momentary pulse from the switches to activate either the 'On' signal on the contactor or the 'Off' signal. I want this signal to be sent either based on...
  6. \o Hey everyone! Controls and Building Automation background; looking to learn more.

    New Member Introductions
    I recently found this forum from a link on HVAC-Talk.com and since Controls has a 50/50 mix of HVAC and Electrical, figured I would step and look around. I haven't gotten a chance to read through all the rules just yet, but after a few more posts will I be able to put a link in my signature for...
  7. Ethernet Dimmers and Switches

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    This is mostly for hobby purposes, but as a long term project I'd like to set up and design my own "Smart Home" and decided that connecting the switches by ethernet would be better than wiring up each switch to a controller. Anyway, my question is does anyone know where I can get some...