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    I am doing voltage drop calculations. For my project, I need to do calculations for various temperatures. However, NEC table displays only the readings for 75 degrees. I am trying to do the calculations from R2 = R1 [1 + α (T2 − 75)]. Nonetheless have not got some appropriate results. Could...
  2. Other Codes and Standards
    Does anyone know if Chicago electrical code doesn't allow stranded wire in smaller gauges? I always use solid and almost always see solid but still not sure what code says about solid vs stranded.
  3. NEC Code Forum
    I'm looking for replacing a UL AWM 2464 cable used in Industrial Machine Operating handles by its equivalent with nfpa79 conformity. I know that using a Listed MTW cable will solve the problem, but before making this investment (about 200km of cable...) I'd like to be sure that my AWM is not...