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  1. Bonding of Teck90 cable

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys. I'm running teck underground to a shop and where it goes into the side of my house to the panel I'll be using PVC up from the ground into a PVC LB and I cannot bend it to have the outer sheathing and armour to go continuously into the panel so I need to cut the outer jacket and armour...
  2. Equipment Grounding Conductor bonding rule to ground grid

    NEC Code Forum
    I have a situation in a petroleum handling facility. The petroleum storage tank is grounded to ground grid but a Water draw out (WDO) pump motor is not grounded. To add WDO motor ground, is it permissible to bond motor ground conductor to the exposed tank ground conductor running to ground grid...
  3. Mechanical lug vs compression fitting in system grounding conductor

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello All, I am looking for the code rule to confirm my understanding that we must use compression fittings rather than mechanical lugs i.e. split bolts, in a bonding conductor. I see 10-116 (1) but that doesn't seem to fit. The conductor and equipment in question is a pad mount transformer...
  4. Is bonding gas lines dangerous?

    Services and Service Equipment
    I just heard the argument from some guy that it's stupid for the code to require bonding of gas lines. He claimed that bonding it would create the chance of an arc, which could ignite the gas and cause an explosion. The alternative would be a gas line that would remain energized if it contacted...
  5. Bonding Question

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I am wondering if I need to run a wire to bond the Neutral to Ground Bar in a Power Board. We usually install basic residential GE Power Panels (TM2010CCU or TLM2412CCU) that always have a "Bonding Screw" in the neutral bar, so this is a little out of our scope: A customer has requested a...
  6. Stray earth voltages??

    Services and Service Equipment
    I got a call to look at a problem (I’d never been there before), where someone had felt a tingle between the ground (dirt, earth) and the metal frame of a trailer on tires with a sub panel in it. I didn’t have a ground rod or plate with me, but I put a piece of rebar in the ground and measured...
  7. Bonding xo to enclosure canada

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi, we just installed a 112 Kva transformer 600 V. delta primary to 480/277 V. Wye secondary to connect some (US 480 V) solar inverters through a 480/277 volt panel to the secondary of the xfmr and from the primary to the building’s 600 V. service. We ran a #6 grounding conductor back from XO...
  8. 400 amp residential service water line bonding

    NEC Code Forum
    We just completed a remodel on a large house that was built in the late 1800s. It was so old that the original builder ran knob and tube as well as gas lines for fixtures because he wasn't sure the whole electricity thing would work out. Anyways, we decided to put up a 400 amp service because we...
  9. Grounding/bonding multiple branch ckts

    NEC Code Forum
    Working on a project that has multiple branch circuits feeding several sub-panels in an attached building. Within the last 10yrs the buildings were connected with a covered walkway between the two. The building we are in has its own separate water supply and is separate from the main...
  10. Telephone Bonding Backbone - Bonding Overboard

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a new project for a bank that is installing a new network rack in the branch. The Service for this facility is 400 amps. However, the architecture drawing showing the Telephone Bonding Backbone (TBB) is to be sized according to the following statement. Green insulated copper conductor...
  11. CEU class in Green Bay July 21 2015

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Hi ElectricianTalk members, I'm offering a no-charge bonding & grounding CEU class on Tuesdsy, July 21st 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A distributor is allowing me to hold this class during their counterday expo. As a fellow member of ElectricianTalk, I'm inviting you to attend my class...
  12. bonding a gas piping system to metal water piping

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question about bonding a metal gas piping system to a metal water piping system. I am using the 2014 NEC, section 250.104(B). - I have been under the assumption that gas piping in a home could be bonded to any point to a metal water piping system. However, after looking further at...
  13. Gland Bonding

    Other Codes and Standards
    Hey Gang, I need your thoughts on this. bonding of a Gland on armored cable is done largely for reducing the "touch potential" that can be induced into the Armour of an AC cable. Cables under 400 amps are typically bonded at both ends, while over 400 amps are only on one end. What I am...
  14. Vehicle Mounted Generator for sewer lift stations

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am working on a project where a city bought a large (300 amp) trailer mounted generator to use to provide power during outages to their many sewer lift pumps through out the city. These lift stations are all outdoor services with manual transfer switches that have receptacles for connecting a...
  15. bonding question - exposed EMT

    General Electrical Discussion
    I just partially rewired someone's garage. They had some NMB cable running through a piece of EMT that wasn't connected to anything else. I am thinking I need to bond this piece of pipe. (It goes overhead to another garage behind the one I rewired. Gotta love the maintenance man.) Anyway, I am...
  16. grounding/mechacical ground sufficiant ?

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Does a dead end m/c in a 1900 box have to be bonded to the box ? If a splice is made it needs to be bonded. Why not a dead end ? No load ? What's the difference ?
  17. Grounding Water Pipe 200amp service

    NEC Code Forum
    Good afternoon gentlemen, First I would like to apologize if this topic has already been covered recently but I couldn't find anything. I am looking for clarification on sizing the ground wire that is required to be ran from a new 200 amp service to the cold water pipe. Initially I looked...
  18. bonding raceways

    NEC Code Forum
    Hey guys, new to this, just had a question about bonding raceways. Im workin on a parallel fed air compressor and it starts at the disconnect to voltage stabilizer and then to the compressor. My question is do i have to bond bush any of these connections at any point?
  19. Grounding Wire Question

    NEC Code Forum
    Have a custom job where 120v luminaires are being mounted to an all aluminum sign (good ol' screw in bulb base outdoor rated). The sign company is mounting the luminaires and the bulb holder has a copper ground lead. The question is what is the proper NEC Section 250 way to ground the copper...
  20. Download the Histery and Mystery of Grounding and Bonding

    Vintage Electrical
    Download the Histerya nd Mystery of Grounding and Bonding :thumbup: