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  1. Great Deals
    If you're looking for a new pair of work boots, Iron Age is taking 10% off sitewide! You can also add a free skull cap and pair of socks to your purchase with the promo code IRONCLAD at checkout. Shipping is free to all U.S. states (except Alaska and Hawaii). Iron Age Footwear - Tough Work...
  2. Workplace Safety
    From the thread http://www.electriciantalk.com/f2/fast-short-circuit-troubleshooting-52421/ here's the poll on getting shocked through boots/shoes. :thumbup: I have been shocked through my shoes and boots as well. All were 120v contacts. I believe it is due to the combination of...
  3. UK Electrical Forum
    I need new boots but as I'm a new apprentice I'm wondering on which ones to buy I know I want them waterproof, lightweight and most importantly suitable for the job such as there not gonna get crushed easy or electrocute me as I know rubber is a good insolator but I also know it could...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Just wonder if anyone has used these for working in the cold weather and what you thought of them. Dunlop Purofort Thermo+ Boot What about outerwear? Any recommendations besides Helly Hansen.
  5. Workplace Safety
    What would you prefer: Safety shoes or boots??
1-5 of 6 Results