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  1. Main Panel and Subpanel Question

    General Electrical Discussion
    Could an 80A breaker be used in the main panel to feed a 60A main breaker in the subpanel? :confused1:
  2. Backfeed breaker for solar system

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm swapping out a 100 amp panel that was damaged for another 100 amp panel. Adding spaces w/ my new panel. The previous panel had the solar hot tapped in btwn. The 100 amp & the service head, instead of being put on a breaker. Now that i have extra spaces for a breaker, do you think i should...
  3. Transfer Switch Breaker Question

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a quick question about doing my own Transfer Switch install (Ontario, Canada). I have a 7200/9000W Champion generator that I recently purchased so I can power majority of appliances in my home when the power goes out. I'm looking at purchasing a transfer switch and looking at Reliance...
  4. Can any employee operate/reset breakers/switch gear?

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am looking to see what other's thoughts are on employee's operating or resetting breakers or switch gear is. Currently I am a Maintenance Electrician at a production plant where the majority of the equipment is 600V. The current company policy is that only the Electrician is able to operate a...
  5. Breaker does not want to stay on

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I have a double pole circuit that, when I try to turn the breaker on with no appliances connected and 99.999% certain there's no short circuit, it does not want to stay in the on position. If I push it 2-3 times, it will stick in the on position. When I have one appliance connected (1 wall...
  6. Two and Three Phase Breaker Trip Occurences

    Services and Service Equipment
    I am working in industrial workshop. I am feeding 3 phase 480V to PDBs which feed into two 20A, 3ph breakers, as well as a 20a 2ph breaker. 3ph breakers feed power controllers and later 3ph heater systems down the line, while the 2ph feeds 24v motors/control system. I had an incident occur...
  7. Bit tips for breakers

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    Hi all, I was landing and installing breakers in a panel last week. Everything is fine until I go to torque the bolts and seems like 10-20 % of the square heads strip out before I get them torqued. Is there a better bit I should be using that fits better? Or just torque them with a straight...
  8. Using Breaker with Higher Voltage Rating

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    I have been contacted by a company who purchased a motor control panel that is set up for 380V 3-phase. The Breaker, Motor contacts, and Thermal overloads are all 380V. Currently they have 240 3-phase being supplied to the panel. Are the 380V breaker and thermal overloads safe to operate at this...
  9. Feed 120VAC through electrical insert

    Industrial Electrical Forum
    Hi All, We have a large machinethat has an electrical insert that sits 1"" below the top of the cabinet. I need to put a LOTO breaker on top of the cabinet and then feed the 120VAC wires through the cabinet and the insert that sits 1"" below the top of the cabinet. Is there a feedbrough I...
  10. For Sale [Breaker] ITE, CEB, Push-Matic, etc

    Electrician Swap
    Anyone needs ITE bolt-on and Commander bolt-on breakers ? We have pallets of these at the shop, looking to liquidate most of them to move the inventory. We have about 250 CEB breakers of all configurations and colours, lots of ITE bolt-on (mostly single 15 and 20), and also a bit of everything...
  11. ::HELP:: Sizing wire and breakers for Automotive Paint booth w/ multiple motors

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I am currently trying to size my circuit conductors and breaker for a paint booth. The electrical in the booth consists of: - 20 LED lights @ .45amps each..... 9amps - 1 10hp 208volt motor....... NEC FLC 30.8amps - 1 7.5hp 208volt motor...... NEC FLC 24.2amps Now, what I have found...
  12. 3-week delayed CB trip. Huh??

    General Electrical Discussion
    We have several branch banks that have been installed with no problems (same lighting installation) but with no problems. We have ONE site that has a 20A breaker (can you believe it's circuit breaker #13) tripping almost exactly about every three weeks that powers a track lighting branch...
  13. Multiwire Arc-Fault

    General Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with trying to arc-fault protect a multiwire circuit? I was told by the engineer at Eaton Corp. that I could use a two pole arc fault breaker. (I have pasted a link for a breaker that Eaton Corp. tried to send me or one similar to it. Their engineer said this...
  14. Shipboard breaker keeps tripping

    PLCs, VFDs, Motors and Controls
    Breaker keeps tripping Hello! I have an issue that I have been troubleshooting for a few days now and was hoping to pick a few brains to see if anyone has a suggestion. I have a pretty basic electrical system that runs a small motor (essentially a 50HP, 440Vac, 3 phase, 2 speed motor and brake)...
  15. CEC 8-104 - Maximum Circuit Loading

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    8-104 (4) and (5) Why do we have to derate the overcurrent device MORE with single conductor? With a 100% continuous rated breaker we can rate the circuit at 100 % with multiple conductors but only at 80% with single conductor. Can anyone shed some light on why it would be lees when a single...
  16. Breakers won't trip?!? (Square D QO breakers)

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone; it's been awhile. :) I hope everyone is having a nice New Year! Got a service call because a main breaker was tripping instead of the branch circuit when a tenant was using a space heater. I overloaded the circuit to confirm and sure enough, the main breaker tripped, but NOT the...
  17. Need help fast !

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone out there i just had a question i am about to wire up a pizza oven and it says L1: 33 amps and L2: 33 amps what size breaker will i need for it to function right? THANKS BIG TIME
  18. Quantity of breakers.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hello I'm looking to find out how many, and what type of breakers I would need. To wire a trailer 3 bedrooms, single wide. This is from the ground up, looking for how many and what type for doubled 110 and, stand alone 110. I'll be doing this myself so any help in this regard would be greatly...
  19. Will a 150 amp breaker fit in a 200 amp meter main panel

    Services and Service Equipment
    I need to replace a meter and main breaker. The existing is 150 amp breaker feeding the house. I cant find An outdoor rated 150 amp meter main anywhere. So i was wondering if i can just buy a 200 amp main and just insert the 150 amp breaker in it. Removing the 200 amp breaker it comes with. Is...
  20. SPA Jets Work, Heater Trips Breaker

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I'm searching for reasons why I have spa jets working, but when heater comes on it trips breaker (60 amps)? Changed 3 Pole Contactor, still tripping breaker. Also, hooked up directly to 110 volt outside outlet, still tripped GFI breaker, any other scenarios? Thanks, David D.