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  1. Tripping Arc Fault Breakers

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I've recently upgraded a service on a home to 200 amp and am having trouble with an electric lawnmower tripping arc fault breakers as soon as the trigger is pulled. I've had issues before with tripping afci's in the past but I've always been able to find and remedy the problem...
  2. New AFCI Code giving us problems

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am a general contractor in Tacoma and every since July 1 2014 the new, at least I am being told this from my electrician, is he has to install AFCI in place of the old stand by breakers. What is happening is they seem to be less forgiving than the old ones. We have a client that has a rather...
  3. Smoke damage to a panel and breakers

    General Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone know where to find the requirements for the replacement of panel and breakers that have gone through a fire and have fire/smoke damage? Insurance company is requiring it on a job we're doing before they'll authorize the work. Looking for info under the BC Safety Authority code...
  4. Howdy from North Texas

    New Member Introductions
    Looking forward to sharing and receiving knowledge of repairing distribution equipment and motor controls. I am located North of Dallas and offer services to Commercial / Industrial / Oilfield & Manufacturing contractors. Primary competencies; Molded Case / Insulated Case Circuit Breakers...
  5. Code change for tandem breakers?

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I was just told by an Eaton rep that the rules have changed for NEC 2014. We are now allowed to use any number of tandem breakers up to the amperage limit of the panel? Does this sound right? Also, I'm trying to search the NEC book but I don't know what they use as the term for tandem breakers...
  6. Sub panel questions--newbie

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am retired so decided to pour a slab and install a little electric for my "RV" and I ran in to a few situations that I cannot seem to research and get an adequate answer too. So I thought maybe I should ask the "experts" here! A. ----If I decide to go the 6 "Offs" instead of a main breaker at...
  7. Quantity of breakers.

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hello I'm looking to find out how many, and what type of breakers I would need. To wire a trailer 3 bedrooms, single wide. This is from the ground up, looking for how many and what type for doubled 110 and, stand alone 110. I'll be doing this myself so any help in this regard would be greatly...
  8. Does anyone have any comments on the durability of plug on vs. bolt on breakers?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any comments on the durability of plug on vs. bolt on breakers? We are using Square D QO & QOB breakers for our installations. On some of our jobs we are also responsible for maintenance over long periods and are interested to know if anyone has data or opinions on maintenance...
  9. Identifying Unknown Panel Loads

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’m new to the forum. I have been an electrician for years, and I have come across a totally screwed up situation that my company has been called in to fix, and to relieve the previous electrician (who is a total hack and should have his license pulled). It is a remodel house, in the...
  10. main breakers?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have to install a 200A panel for a job. Is a 250A breaker big enough for this job? Can i install 40, 20- 30 A single pole breakers safely?
  11. bulldog breakers

    Electrician Swap
    I could really use some Bulldog breakers if anyone can help me.