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  1. NEC Code Forum
    Assume rework on existing PV system. Adding inverters to PV Combiner and am trying to figure how 705.12 applies. The PV combiner is a load center / panel box which has a breaker protecting the bus, which is service connected. Since the combiner is a load center panel, and it is rated for 200A...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi all! Apologies for my lack of technical wording as I am not an electrician by any means nor do I have any electrical education except from YouTube so bear with me but I thought I would ask here from people that know what they are talking about! :) I am currently building my own skoolie bus...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I'm swapping out a 100 amp panel that was damaged for another 100 amp panel. Adding spaces w/ my new panel. The previous panel had the solar hot tapped in btwn. The 100 amp & the service head, instead of being put on a breaker. Now that i have extra spaces for a breaker, do you think i should...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    Hi folks, I am having an onsite issue where there are two electrical meters provided to my client. The two meters are of 150Amps(for SMDB1) and 60Amps(for SMDB2) capacity. However, the existing total loads (via the two SMDBs) are quite uneven. The load current of SMDB1 goes upto about 130A...
  5. NEC Code Forum
    Does anyone know if is ok to build walls/ceiling around a 480vac bus duct system as long as access is provided to the bus plug disconnects by removing ceiling tiles? For example, just remove a ceiling tile if the bus plug disconnect needed to be locked out? Thanks
  6. Electrician Swap Classifieds
    hi guys, i am in need of 1 new / used/ nos bus bar or complete breaker box to replace mine. its a cooper industries crouse hinds model JA11 OAS model-f surface mount meter socket 100 amp. any body any info very appreciated. scott 561-441-7775 [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results