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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, First time poster here. Joined up after browsing some topics and seeing the community here. I've been working in construction trades for the last 14 years, the last 7 as an electrician apprentice/journeyman. I've been really fortunate to see a broad overview of the industry through...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    Fellow Colleagues! Today I have received my C-10 California Electrical Contractor License for my brand-new corporation, and we have a little celebration here :) I need your help to establish the sound strategy for my business, and looking for mentorship from experienced electrical / other...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    West Coast Fire and Safety is looking for an individual who would like to join our growing company and become our new RMO. The qualified individual would hold both a c-10 and c-16 license and we would prefer that they not be associated with any other companies. Our current RMO, although an...
  4. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    In California, do I need to go to a contractor exam preperation school to be ready for the law and business portion or can I find appropriate study material online and save the money? Also how is the electrical portion compared to the state electrical certification exam. Is it mostly code based...
  5. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Low cost guy ( or gal ) - just need the RMO , not any other involvement . John Sebastian [email protected]
1-5 of 5 Results