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  1. Cabling 100' from portable genny to my house

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Well, we are finally getting an emergency 7500W portable genny for power outages. My plan is to keep it in a small shed I'll build for it in the far corner of our back yard, to minimize the noise when I need to pull it out and run it. It will need a run of 100' of cable each time I use it to...
  2. Free Class

    NEC Code Forum
    ELECTRICIANS AND INSPECTORS FREE CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY–tomorrow CABLE and RACEWAY Tips and Rules, a double program: First, starting around 5:40, Lyn Brigham, with Atkore, presents Flexible Metal Cables and Raceways: Types and uses. Covering NEC Articles 320 and 330, and a bit more. Second...
  3. Strain Relief for Medical Device

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello to all, I am working in a medical device company and we are having issues with the strain relief and wires of the device. We have 3 different types of failure mode: 1.- Strain relief is not damaged but when the jacket and the strain relief are cut to check for damage, the wires...
  4. Choice of cables by their functional intergrity from DIN 4102-12

    General Electrical Discussion
    Currently, most of wires (cables) are done either for 30 minutes of fire protection (E30) or for 90 minutes protection (E90). But what are standars which prescribes on whethere we should use E90 instead of E30?
  5. Identify this Mystery Part

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I am having serious, serious trouble deciding how I should create a connection where I have between one and three 1/2" exposed run cable going into one side of a gang box and 1" conduit coming out of the other side. An animation (see below for link) I've seen has a box that fits the bill...
  6. Electrical Ran Between Buildings

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi there, At the farm that I live at I was wanting to wire up a shed for a woodworking shop. I just need to figure out how to get power there. Basically it's 4 big sheds side by side. In shed 1- there is power, in shed 4- I would like power. There is about a 10 foot gap between these sheds with...
  7. Cable Maximum Allowable Current

    General Electrical Discussion
    By now, I have 3 Phase motor (2.2KW) connected to 3 × 1.5 mm2 Cable. Then I want to replace it with the new motor which is 3KW. Is that 1.5 mm2 cable able to support the 3KW motor? I would like to know how to calculate the maximum allowable Ampere/KW flowing through the cable 3 × 1.5 mm2. Any...
  8. Guitar amp issue, need help

    Residential Electrical Forum
    Hey guys, First of all, feel free to move this post if I'm in the wrong forum (I'm new on here.) Anyway... I recently bought a Vox AC30VR (valvereactor, a hybrid tube/solid state amp) and when i first tried it, nothing was wrong. It sounded good. But when I got it cranked up at home, it...
  9. Splicing 100 Amp Service Cable

    Services and Service Equipment
    Hello, I've recently started installing a 200A service in place of a 100A service. I need to feed my new panel off of the old panel for the time being until they power up the new 200A meter, but I only have two 10' sections of 100A service cable two run between the two panels. I was wondering if...
  10. shielded cable procedure

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    does any one know what the proper procedure is for dealing with the shield and the additional bare wire in a shielded cable? thanks.
  11. cable in conduit...

    NEC Code Forum
    Where if anywere in the Code does the Code support the notion that a 'cable' (e.g., UF, USE, SE, NM, other ) itself shall in any sense be considered a 'raceway' ? Thanks, Zaped
  12. 80ft 4C 2 AWG Teck Cable

    Electrician Swap
    Selling 80ft of 4 conductor 2 AWG Teck Cable. I'm located in Hamilton, Ontario. $600
  13. found a great place to recycle my wire

    General Electrical Discussion
    just thought i'd give you guys in the nassau area a heads up. I went to a place in hempstead that paid a ridiculous amount for my thhn and bright. hey, any little bit of extra cash helps in this economy. the place is called njc recycling.
  14. Single Line Diagram-Cable Nomenclature

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am trying to understand and interpret the cable nomenclature on the attached example of a single line diagram for a three phase power system. Any help is greatly appreciated. Am I correct in believing that the following is true or am I completely wrong and missing something (Such as...
  15. 2000' Cable Run for TV/Internet

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've just renovated a home for a client and he asked me if I could connect him to the cable company. The problem is that his house sits about 2000' from the nearest pole and I have never done a job more than 200' so I'm completely lost as to which type of cable to use as I've always thought...
  16. 2.8kW fan assisted oven, how to supply it?

    UK Electrical Forum
    I've been asked to do some work for a guy, mainly install/run a supply for a 2.8kW fan assisted oven (hobs seperate). He has kids and because of the limited access to sockets he wants a way of isolating the ovens (cooker switch) instead of just plugging it into the ring. I carried out cable...
  17. Coax F Terminators

    Structured Wiring
    Lately I have been doing some cable connections and was wondering the importance of "Coax F Terminators", or these guys.....(see photo) I have a few cable splitters that have extra ports that are not needed. Should I cap them with these terminators? I have used them outdoors to keep moisture...
  18. Making a heating cable thermostat, and heating cable questions

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi i need to heat a 55 gallon drum to approx 120*f, so i was thinking of wraping a heating cable around the barrel(the liquid is not flammable). does anyone know how a heating cable works i found a website that sells some http://www.omega.com/toc_asp/subsectionSC.asp?book=Heaters&subsection=b01...
  19. NFPA79 hits again

    NEC Code Forum
    I'm looking for replacing a UL AWM 2464 cable used in Industrial Machine Operating handles by its equivalent with nfpa79 conformity. I know that using a Listed MTW cable will solve the problem, but before making this investment (about 200km of cable...) I'd like to be sure that my AWM is not...