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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi, it's been sometime since I have posted. I have a client that wants to have his 100A main panel to be relocated to the center area of his basement. It's in toronto detached house with overhead service. Based on the code main panel should be as near as possible as the service entrance, but...
  2. Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am tasked with designing electrical controls/automation/instrumentation cabinets and field wiring to instruments in hazardous locations like class I Zone 0, 1, and 2 (div 1 and div 2). In general, wiring and devices need to be rated for the environment (hazardous location) they are in...
  3. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi i was wonderings if somebody could help me solve this question step by step. Underground cables are installed in the configuration of diagram D11, Detail 3 what is the minimum size of RW90 Al cables allowed for a 570A non continuous load? All termination temps are rated for 75 degrees C
  4. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Good day, I am doing some wiring as a homeowner and have a question about sharing neutral lines. I have attached a diagram for more information. I would like to put in GFCI breakers to service the exterior outlets of my home and one kitchen outlet. As it is currently wired, the single...
  5. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi everyone, I am rewiring a kitchen as part of a renovation project. I need to choose a countertop receptacle for the spot where the homeowner is hoping to be able to plug in a toaster and a coffeemaker. You need to keep in mind that there is a lot to be added to the breaker panel during...
  6. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello everybody, I am posting in this topic because I believe that knowing the Canadian Electrical Code is the first thing to do if I want to move to Canada as an electrical engineer. At first, a little bit of my history. I was born in Brazil and graduated at the University of Brasilia as an...
  7. General Electrical Discussion
    What are some techniques for studying and interpreting code. I've been struggling with this for some time now and I just don't seem to find my answers fast enough. Has anyone had this issue and if so any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
1-7 of 7 Results