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  1. Commercial Electrical Forum
    I'm looking into installing a battery charger that was included with the purchase of a Army Surplus forklift. It is labeled to be set up for 480v 1ph. I always thought 480v 1ph was just using 2 of the 3 legs, but the charger is labeled L,N,G. What are they considering N? Maybe I'm just...
  2. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hey Everyone, We installed a 60 amp Tesla Wall Connector last week, complete with 1" conduit and a 60 amp load shedder. Panel is in the garage, in line of sight. Booked the inspection for yesterday. Inspector shows up, has a look, and says "I think you need a disconnect withing 1M of the...
  3. Alternative Energy Forum
    Two Q's 1. For EV charger loads only, does the panelboard need to be sized for the sum of the continuous duty loads (i.e. number of chargers x charger amps) or the sum of the OCPD for those EV chargers? 2. For EV charger loads only, if a performance meter socket is used to measure consumption...
1-3 of 3 Results