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  1. Service capacity code question

    NEC Code Forum
    Hi, and thanks for your help. In my residence I have gas heat and need to convert to heat pumps. My concern is overcapacity of the service. I have 125 amp main and I need to calculate if I can add another 20 amp breaker to the panel. I thought I needed to add the amps of all of the...
  2. Table D3 CSA 22.1

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi, I am electrical engineer and unfortunately didn't go to any technologist school. Hence I am unfamiliar with the term "Distance to centre of distribution". Can anyone please let me know what this means? I calculated the actual permissible lengths using the resistivity and cross-section and my...
  3. NM Cables entering a panel through flexible metal conduit

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question. Typically, when I do a panel change (residential), the cabinet may be lower or higher than the original. Sometimes the cable sheathing doesn't quite make it into the new panel cabinet. Therefore, I would often run metal flex over the cable to protect that portion of...
  4. 2009 Canada Electrical Code

    Alternative Energy Forum
    Can anyone confirm that this regulation for Solar PV - Overcurrent Protection is in the 2009 Canadian Electrical Code book: "Where overcurrent protection is required by Subrule (1) for a photovoltaic source circuit, each photovoltaic source circuit shall be protected by an individual...
  5. Sizing Circuit Breaker for motor

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I have a 208v 3ph motor with a FLA of 5.9 which is plugged into a 20A locking receptacle. Is it is against code to put the circuits on a 3P 20A breaker?
  6. Class 1, 2, and 3 Wiring

    NEC Code Forum
    Hi Everyone, Can someone please explain the difference in Class 1, 2 and 3 wiring ? I understand as per 725.41 (A) that expresses that Class 1 power limited circuits shall be not more then 30 volts and 1000 volt amperes. Class 1 Remote control and signaling circuits should not exceed 600...
  7. No ground wire in 480v 3w PVC

    General Electrical Discussion
    Is it possible for there to be no ground wire in an under ground PVC feeder conduit? Its 480v 3 wire. Doing demo and noticed this between two buildings in an industrial compound (all on one property). Is this an ungrounded or impedance grounded system? Please be gentle I have limited experience...
  8. No ground wire in 480v 3w PVC

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Is it possible for there to be no ground wire in an under ground PVC feeder conduit? Its 480v 3 wire. Doing demo and noticed this between two buildings in an industrial compound (all on one property). Is this an ungrounded or impedance grounded system? Please be gentle I have limited experience...
  9. Are these code violations? Staples, no guards, and nail plates all around!

    NEC Code Forum
    Hi All, I typically deal with DC power solutions and the military, so I am not well schooled in the NEC book when it comes to grey areas. Anyway, the pictures that are in the Google album are from the unfinished room above my garage. As far as I know, those wires can't be near any of those...
  10. Receptacle installed at incorrect voltage without ground? How should I complain?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have recently moved into a newly renovated apartment and the air conditioner was not working. After testing the receptacle with a multimeter it is 240V and there is no ground installed, and the unit is 115V. After discovering this I tested some other receptacles and about half don't have a...
  11. Considerations when adding an outdoor plug through a concrete footing

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm adding a GFCI receptacle on the outside of a house in Canada. This one will be right by the panel in the basement so it will have its own dedicated circuit. I was going to drill a hole in the footing from the outside, run my cable and then Hilti the weatherproof box onto the footing over...
  12. CE Approval in Canada

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I have a shopvac that has only a CE approval. It is labled to draw 2000 watts (with both motors on) and is hooked up for a 15 amp 120v plug. If my math is correct it should draw no more then 16.667 amps. After i powered it up I find that it is drawing over 20 amps unloaded with both motors on...
  13. Number of circuits? *Challenge Question*

    NEC Code Forum
    Number of circuits required for the lighting load of an 8000 sq.ft. residence? Any guesses? :thumbsup:
  14. Code Question, Help please!

    Union Topics
    Hi! i am studying for my code test thats coming up in 9 months. i ran across a question that im having a hard time finding in the code book. could you please help me out? "Where the box is mounted on the surface, direct metal-to-metal contact between the device yoke and the box shall be...
  15. 14ga. or 12ga. NYC wiring

    NEC Code Forum
    Hello all! I design, manufacture, sell and install office furniture in NYC. Recently we were told that according to a newer code from 2011 our 15amp power strips must have 12guage wire. Is there a difference in rules for hard wired vs plug in? Can anyone give me more info on this link would be...
  16. California question

    Residential Electrical Forum
    When I did some wiring in San Francisco (20 years ago...?) I wasn't allowed to use romex I think because of earthquake codes). When I did some work outside L.A. everything was THHN in plastic conduit (new construction/poured cement) Have things changed? Would it be the same in San Jose? Or...
  17. service cable after meter

    Services and Service Equipment
    Whats code on the lenth and procedures to the panel after the meter. I am moving the meter over 6 feet (overhead service), panels in basement (right under existing meter) I need to come out of the bottom of the meter and run down low about 6 or 7 feet bofore going back inside. Maybe in some PVC ??
  18. Node Power Outlet

    General Electrical Discussion
    Would you install these? I wouldn't, and here is why: No place for grounding prong for three-prong cords Too easy for multiple line-line/neutral-neutral/line-neutral shorts, especially on the vertical runs Existing solutions to the problem it purports to solve without introducing new dangers...
  19. Australian electrician moved to Canada needing help with exam preparation

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I've just moved to BC, Canada. I'm a fully qualified electrician in Australia and I have enough work experience to challenge the exam over here. So I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good textbook that will help? Maybe the ones apprentices use in college? I've also got myself a second...
  20. Adding MWBCs while being code legal

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I'm in a condo and have an old Murray 6 space 100 amp breaker panel. I'm remodeling my kitchen and want to add circuits while bringing the installation up to code. I'm planning on adding two quadplex breakers. These quadplex breakers consist of two 2 pole 20 amp common trip breakers. With my...