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  1. First step is hard. I need an advice

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hi. I am an 29 years old guy who worked as a cook before and want to be an electrician. I want to ask you whether I can begin my career with IBEW without experience and knowledge. Do most electricians begin in colleges first or union first? I have trouble in getting the first apprentice job. I...
  2. Trade School vs Apprenticeship

    Electrician Apprentice Forum
    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the trade and was hoping to get some info. I'm starting trade school in a week or so and I wasn't sure if it was the correct path to becoming an electrician. can I still become a union worker after I complete my school? also, any tips and advice would be great...
  3. Arc faults in College

    NEC Code Forum
    We are in NC, working electrical maintenance for a college/seminary campus and the associated housing. Our state is currently operating under NEC 2011 and will be updating to NEC 2014 in April. This has caused a discussion between my boss and myself to come back up again. When we do new...
  4. Stay in college, or do electrical apprenticeship and then college?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I'm currently an student at SDSU finishing up my first year there. I haven't been doing as well as I planned to, given working half time over my studies, among most things. I want to major somewhere in the construction field because I like working with my hands and such. Back in...