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  1. Lighting Design
    I need to order some shoebox for my project, I went through on amazon, and found a wished one, it with smooth appearance, it looks nice, but I'm not sure there's no problem with the heat dissipation. Can someone help me analyze it?
  2. Commercial Electrical Forum
    So here is my problem. I have a commercial building, technically two buildings, joined in the center by a bridge called "the link". The link is fully lit and climate controlled, with seven ceiling mounted light fixtures running down the hall. Two of these lights, are 24/7 lights powered by a...
  3. Lighting Design
    I'm looking to swap halogen bulbs on some giant flood lights for the entrance to the neighborhood. I need an LED equivalent for a 660 watt halogen bulb. We have been doing residential lighting up until now and I can't find the high powered bulbs. Thank you for any suggestions.
1-3 of 7 Results