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  1. Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello! I've been reading extensively on a design that is common on US installations but I can't find an equivalent Rule that gives proper guidance on the CEC. I'm on the design phase and want to double tap the secondary of a 3.5MVA, 44kV/600V TX to feed two separate buildings straight from the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Does NEC allow running multiple 480V 3 Phase Power load conductors in a single conduit instead of running each 3 phase loads conductors in separate conduits?
  3. NEC Code Forum
    Im running a dedicated SPA line. line will be 6-6-6-6 as dictated by manufacturer for SPA. I see on 314.16 Volume requirements for 6AWG minimum volume in a square box is 21 inch cubed. I was thinking i could use an LB for a few of the 90 degree angles. 3/4 LB has a volume of 7.5 inch cubed...
  4. Canadian Electrical Forum
    I'm asking because I recently told my coworker that the conductor length was supposed to be the "width plus depth" of whatever box you are working with. But he asked for the code rule, and I told him it was something my teacher at school told me and made us implement countless times. He was a...
  5. NEC Code Forum
    I am installing a theatrical stage lighting setup and have to run conduit from the dimming rack to 2 24 foot rows of stage lighting. The original drawings asked for (3) 3/4'' emt with 4#12 and 1#12 ground in each for one row of borderlights for i believe 6 circuits and (6) 3/4'' emt with 4#12...
1-5 of 5 Results