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  1. South Carolina Contractors Exam

    General Electrical Discussion
    I live in CT but will be moving to SC in about a year. I do not have a license currently (not required for my job) but have been in the trade as the maintenance electrician for a hospital, and many years of previous experience. Based on what I was reading I can verify my employment through the...
  2. New Jersey Electrical License Exam

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello All, I’m currently looking into taking my test to become a licensed electrical contractor in New Jersey. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or any material, books, websites that would make this any easier?
  3. NJ License Use

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    I have a valid NJ Electrical Contractors license but do not have a business permit. I currently work for a company operating under a low voltage exemption. This company would like to operate with my license. I understand the insurance aspects and the fact that I will not be able to use my...
  4. Looking for work

    Looking For Work
    Hi everyone, I am looking for work as an electrician helper/labourer in the Edmonton area. Of course, I would love to be indentured into the trade but I will not ask for it. All I want is to work for an electrical contractor and demonstrate that I can be a valuable part of their company...
  5. I need advice!

    Union Topics
    I am currently in a construction foundations program and will be done in two weeks. It's one of the job coaches responsibility to find me a placement for a month. I am interested in electrical of course, even if we haven't touched anything in electrical in the program, so she is trying to see if...
  6. AC work vs Electrical, Electric and AC

    General Electrical Discussion
    I know AC work has 80%+ of electric. In addition, would you recommend getting into the AC business after completing an electrical apprentice? Or just focus on the electric trade as a contractor?
  7. Greetings from Nashville Tennessee

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Hope you all electrician and proud member of this forum is having a good time here. Let me first tell something about me and my co. Schaffhouser Electric. My name is John Schaffhouser and I am the owner of Schaffhouser Electric Co. After years of working for other contractors, I have...
  8. Pvc bell reducers

    NEC Code Forum
    Does the nec permit the use of bell reducers in an underground conduit run?
  9. contractor issues

    General Electrical Discussion
    I have a question and I would like some experienced input if I can get it. (I think I can here.) I have a contractor who is asking me to do some work for him for a customer he has and I just looked up his license and found out it is suspended. It looks like his insurance has expired, along with...
  10. Who is the Biggest Residential Electrical Contractor in the Caribbean?

    Residential Electrical Forum
    I've got some projects I need done in multiple countries in the Caribbean over the next few years, not one off projects. I need a relationship with a residential electrical contractor that already operates in multiple countries in the Caribbean, i.e. Puerto Rico, Bahamas, USVI, etc. Who is...
  11. C-10 Information

    Business, Marketing, and Sales
    In California, do I need to go to a contractor exam preperation school to be ready for the law and business portion or can I find appropriate study material online and save the money? Also how is the electrical portion compared to the state electrical certification exam. Is it mostly code based...
  12. A little out of my league but on the right track

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi everyone before I begin I just want to let everyone know that I am Crystal of shanecrystal. My husband has been working in the electrical trade for about 12 yrs. now. It has always been his ambition to start his own company. Not looking for opinions on this fact but he is a member of the...