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  1. NEC Code Forum
    I am trying to figure out how to wire a cluster of 5 Induction heat cooktops on a table with Qty-1 2200W, 220V, 1 Phase Main and Qty-4 800W 220V, 1 Phase (each) Auxiliary, each supplied with 220V, 20A cord/Plugs. I have 208/120V, 3 PH, 4 Wire 225A Panel as Power source. Can I bring 2-2P-20A...
  2. Residential Electrical Forum
    Hi all. This should be my last question on range branch circuits, seeing as they have be answered by the knowledge trades people on this informative forum. Here is my question: 4-ranges @ 10Kw; 4-ranges @ 11.5; 3-ranges @14kw and 6-ranges @ 15 kw. What is the combined demand factor. I do not...
1-2 of 2 Results