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crimp tool
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  1. General Electrical Discussion
    Can someone please provide me with a link for the crimp tool one would use to crimp this splice? Thanks http://www.globalelectricalsupply.com/Dual-Rated-Aluminum-Splice-1-AWG-p/asc1t.htm?gclid=CjwKEAiAo7C2BRDgqODGq5r38DsSJAAv7dTPveSWwJimpjZ6GRTKri2zy2HS9h1yM7X3EMpa6On9ghoCAuvw_wcB
  2. Electrician Swap
    I bought this crimper for a job we did, i used it one time and ended up buying a bigger crimper and now this one just sets. Paid almost 5,000 for this crimper. Make me a reasonable offer on it if you are interested..
1-2 of 2 Results