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  1. CE Approval in Canada

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I have a shopvac that has only a CE approval. It is labled to draw 2000 watts (with both motors on) and is hooked up for a 15 amp 120v plug. If my math is correct it should draw no more then 16.667 amps. After i powered it up I find that it is drawing over 20 amps unloaded with both motors on...
  2. CSA standards and ballasts

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello, For the life of me, I can't seem to figure this out. NECB 2011 requires all fluorescent ballasts to meet CSA-C654 (ANSI C82.11 if outside the scope of C654). The problem is that no cut sheets or documentation I look at lists ballasts to this standard. Often it's just a vague "CSA...
  3. CSA necessary for sub panel components??

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hi there, I'm new in Canada and want to build 2 sub-panels with DIN rail parts for my apartments. But I can hardly find all needed components. First, circuit breaker with CSA are available for DIN rail e.g. from Schneider, Siemens or ABB. But they are very expensive, about 3-4 times the price...
  4. CSA certification clarification

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    Hello everyone, Although I have decent knowledge of electrical engineering. I haven't much expertise on the certification requirements for use in Canada. I plan on ordering a significant amount of bulbs and fixtures from Asia although Installation will be done by a certified electrician...
  5. Canada- Computer Version of Code Book

    NEC Code Forum
    Has anyone used or currently using the Canadian version of the code book pdf file? If so how do you like it?
  6. Which way was up?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I live in Ontario, Canada. I've noticed that when I change receptacles that are original to the house (early 1970's era), they were always mounted with the ground pin up not down as I see in all homes that were built later. Does anybody know if this was C.S.A. or Ontario Hydro...