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  1. Installing EV charger in garage

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm installing a JuiceBox Pro 40 EV charger in my garage, and debating how I should set it up. We just moved into the house, where there was a previous outdoor hot tub on a 40A line. A 6/3 line ran to a junction box just before running outside; once outside, it ran into an exterior box with...
  2. Service Disconnect Problem

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    Scope of project: Install 240V circuit in sub-panel for stage lighting requirement. Problem: We don't know which meter powers which interior panel. Building has 3 exterior meters and 3 interior breaker panels. The interior panels do not have mains, so the only way to kill the power to the...
  3. Whats the best way to size a disconnect for a AC Condenser

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am installing an AC Condenser and I need to install a disconnect. The Condenser is a single phase 208 volt, 60 Hz, 12.1 Full load amps, 14.8 Wire sizing amps and 25.0 Over Current Protection Device.
  4. Ground rods

    Services and Service Equipment
    Inspection report was given on an apartment building with 400 amp disconnect feeding 8 gang meter cabinet array with 100 amp breakers built into meter cabinet. 1/0 Al SER leaves each breaker and feeds sub panels in each apartment. The inspector said each meter needs its own ground and that the...
  5. sauna

    General Electrical Discussion
    I am looking for requirements for a sauna (mainly trying to see if a disconnect is required.) The unit is going to be hard wired, located outside, and it requires a 30A dedicated 240V circuit for the heating elements and a 15A circuit for lighting. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. cadet heater - disconnect

    General Electrical Discussion
    I would like to clarify something. - When I was trained we used to install cadet type heaters (fan forced) with single pole thermostats. Is this really code compliant? I am taking on on-line CEU course and it looks like it might not be. (I do not know the hp of the fan unit... (I could check on...
  7. motor controle panel disconnect

    Canadian Electrical Forum
    I am installing an automated 600v control panel at a farm. It runs a series of conveyors and augers into a mixer for animal feed. The entire panel came without any means of disconnecting the main power supply. I am wondering, is a separate disconnect switch next to the panel acceptable or do...
  8. Carbon / Corrosion on Disco Blade

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    I worked on a 3-phase knife switch style disconnect with fuses. 2 of the fuses were blown. The remaining phase had what I think was a carbon deposit on the blade and receptacle into which the blade seats when the knife switch is in the on position. There were no signs of heat damage on plastic...
  9. Disconnect for VFD - Does it have to be within sight of VFD??

    NEC Code Forum
    For years in industrial facilities, we have been able to disconnect a motor back at the MCC (and use LOTO) for service. We usually do this when the motors are located in Electrically classified spaces. But also in pharmaceutical where the fewer boxes & conduits the better. We were recently...
  10. A/C disconnect

    NEC Code Forum
    Can anyone tell me what determines whether an ac disconnect needs to be fusilble. I have a small commercial job that has 3 sets of air conditioning. Inside units are 60 amps, outside are 50 amps. I want to use the inexpensive pull out disconnects. Not sure where to find in the code. Thanks for...
  11. Modult Transfer Switch

    General Electrical Discussion
    Have a project where I need to switch 3 20amp circuits between a generator and local power. I am looking for disconnect that are DIN rail mountable or panel mountable that can be stacked similar to these type from AutomationDirect. The problem I have is that most transfer switches only have 4...
  12. Walk-in Freezer Disconnecting Means

    NEC Code Forum
    I've completed wiring a commercial Walk-in freezer for a restaurant and have a correction for no disconnecting means for the coil inside the unit. The compressor unit on the roof has a standard fused disconnect, and the only power being fed down to the coil is the standard 4 conductors (N,X,3...