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  1. Residential Electrical Forum
    Hey everyone, new to the site, appreciate any solid help you can provide! I'm building a house myself, 3400 sq. ft., I'd like to supply 400-amp service to it, including setting a 400-amp meter base and (2) 200-amp exterior disconnects (required by code), and (2) 200-amp 40-slot circuit breaker...
  2. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a friend who asked me a good question today. He was looking at a house that has a 320A service, one panel needs to go in the garage and another in the basement, below. The question is, do you need to have a disconnect for the second panel in the same location as the one in the garage...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    I am bidding on a couple of panel changes. - The first panel is fed from a 200A disconnect; the feeders are run in metal conduit with no equipment ground conductor. It seems to me that there might be an exception that allows this in an existing installation. (I want to leave the feeders alone in...
  4. General Electrical Discussion
    I am looking for requirements for a sauna (mainly trying to see if a disconnect is required.) The unit is going to be hard wired, located outside, and it requires a 30A dedicated 240V circuit for the heating elements and a 15A circuit for lighting. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    I have a situation where there is a detached garage that is powered from a residence, and then the power continues from that detached garage to another completely separate utility shop, (or garage), after that. - Is there a problem with this? I am thinking no. If I am correct, I just have to...
  6. Services and Service Equipment
    ok so the test had a question how many service disconnects do the prints show? it had 6 lines heading out of the ct cabinet 3 going to non-fusible disconnects 3 going to fusable disconnects . is that 3 service disconnects or 6 OR am i missing something all together i think its 6. but im not sure.
1-6 of 6 Results