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  1. Recalls, Safety Notices and References
    Hi, Recently installed a 2000W 240V baeboard heater ro replace a lacking 1500W one... was on a exterior wall so the red wire was short... had to pull some gypsum and bring it to about the middle of the baseboard height when it is standing on the floor normally... instead of taking out the...
  2. Residential Electrical Forum
    Looking to figure out if there is some sort of equation I can use to figure out exactly how many outlets and lights I can have on the same breaker, online it says most lights pull about 60 watts but the box for the lights I have says 12 and I was just wondering if anyone can confirm this or am I...
  3. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, can I extend an existing 14/3 into two 14/2 wires through junction box, where the read wire of 14/3 will be capped ? all replies are highly appreciated !! thanks !
1-3 of 3 Results