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  1. Looking To Hire
    🌞Brighten your future!🌞 Power your potential by joining Sunrun, the largest solar, storage, and energy services company in the US. Position yourself for a high-growth, high-impact career in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet! Now hiring in San Antonio, TX, Denver, CO, Novato...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, I’m 18 years old and currently inrolled into a electrical program that’s helps me get my level 1 as well as help me get hired into the union it’s run by IBEW 2085. I was wanting know how I can move from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to the us like Texas, California, or Florida as a...
  3. Linework
    Hello everyone does anyone ever taken the EEI sopd2 test ? And if soo any test preps ?
  4. Looking To Hire
    The position: Busy electrical contractor seeking electrical journeyman for residential and commercial work. Mechanics with 5 years experience minimum must have own tools and be able to work independently. Top pay, great work environment with opportunities for OT and advancement. Holidays, paid...
  5. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello y'all. I am new to the forum, and I'm a 18 year old aspiring electrician. I currently live in Williamsburg, Virginia, but I don't know where and how I could find and get an apprenticeship. I have searched on the internet for my area and found nothing. I want to be in the union, can anyone...
  6. General Electrical Discussion
    How can I start being an electrician without going to school? Is there any books that I can learn from. I have a really busy schedule, so I can't go to school yet(I working on time management) and I was wondering where can I start? Thanks!
  7. General Electrical Discussion
    Just wondering for any other IBEW professionals out their. I have over ten years exp. as a J.W. and ran many jobs along with an A.A.S. in Construction Technology and B.S. in Electronic Systems Technologies majoring in Automation and Network Infrastructure. Basically I'm wanting an Electrical...
  8. General Electrical Discussion
    Hello everyone, I from Canada, and aiming to get my Construction Electrician Red Seal. My girlfriend and I are thinking about moving to Thailand, or somewhere else abroad. I know there must different certifications in different countries, so I was just wondering if anyone knows if the Canadian...
  9. Residential Electrical Forum
    hello everyone I'm new to your forum, and also in usa. in my country, I was an licensed electrician for buildings (Residential), I have a qualification diploma in industrial maintenance electricity, and I have experience in residential electricity , I came to the united states its been two...
1-9 of 11 Results