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  1. Solar Panel

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello everyone, i'm extremely new to anything electrical. I just wanted to know if it is possible to change an on off light source/with solar panels and batteries. I have this light that I want to change it from batteries, to a solar panel charging the light with rechargeable batteries. I would...
  2. Hydropower is really a renewable energy source ! Why

    Alternative Energy Forum
    So they all say hydropower is a renewable energy source. Hydropower is considered renewable energy (https://www.energy.gov/eere/water/how-hydropower-works Wiki classifies hydro as renewable: Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on...
  3. part time helper advice

    General Electrical Discussion
    So I think I found a helper that really wants to work and learn, so much so he'll drive from 45 minutes north of here to work for $10 bucks an hour, on a part time/freelance basis. Any advice/dangers/recomendations about working with new hires appreciated. I know the simple sh*t like no...
  4. How to Accurately Represent a Dc Motor and Power Supply as a Load

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I am new to the electrical field and I am trying to figure out the best and/or easiest way to accurately represent a dc motor and AC to DC power source as a load. Shown below is a short description of the power system with the data that is available. Description goes from upstream to...
  5. Planning on a new transformer

    General Electrical Discussion
    The transformer at my company is 20 years old and I am wondering if it is time to change it. Our energy requirement is due to increase by a good 30% in the coming year and so am beginning the panning. There is lots of news of energy efficient transformers and am wondering if we should opt for...
  6. Question About Electricity & Water

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I'm new here. I'm working on writing the end of a story and need some help from someone who knows electricity pretty well. At the end of the film, two cops are trapped in a room with someone and need to unplug a TV in a room that's slowly being flooded with water. When the main cop...