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emergency lights

  1. Different size cables for emergency lighting circuit ?

    Lighting Design
    Hi I have just installed a lighting circuit over 150m long in 4mm cable with a lot of lights on it, running a 6mm earth to the furthest point for the earth fault. I have 2 emergency lights on that circuit, is it ok to run a 2.5mm single cable to the first emergency light from the contactor...
  2. How to check Lithonia PS 500 Battery Pack?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I'm testing battery backup for 4 foot fluorescent emergency lights. These units employ the Lithonia PS-500 which is a battery, charger and inverter in a single package that mounts in tandem with the ballast. I don't have the instructions and the units are over 10 years old. The PS-500 comes with...
  3. separate circuits for smoke det, emerg lights, or exit signs?

    General Electrical Discussion
    does multi-family Residential code require separate circuits for any of these: 1. exit signs 120v with battery backup 2. emergency lights, which are battery backup ballasts built-into fluorescent light fixtures 3. smoke detectors, 120v with battery backup. I say separate ckt for the smoke...