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  1. Article 680.14

    NEC Code Forum
    Okay, so I know 680.14 is calling a pump room a corrosive environment. But my issue is with an interpretation I'm seeing a lot of for 680.14(B). 680.14(B) Wiring Methods: "Wiring methods in the areas described in 680.14(A) shall be listed and identified for use in such areas. Rigid metal...
  2. Kink in 1" EMT During 4-Point Saddle Bend

    General Electrical Discussion
    I don't have a ton of experience bending EMT. I can make most of my bends without any issues. But I cannot seem to make a 4-point saddle bend in 1" EMT without kinking the last bend. Bending the EMT while it's on the ground isn't an issue. But once I have to flip the bender upside down and bend...
  3. Connector used when sleeving Loomex through EMT

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hey, so I'm doing my first PV install and everything is pretty sound except I'm worried that I used the wrong connector to transition between my Loomex that runs through the basement joists and the EMT it adapts to. I just used a EMT set screw connector with a plastic bushing and now I'm worried...
  4. EMT tube bending companies?

    General Electrical Discussion
    Hello, sometimes we need a specific radius that cannot be done by hand I have tried several tube bending companies but they do not have the tooling for EMT. Does anybody know of a company that can bend EMT to specs? Thank you.
  5. Octagon box mounting depth

    General Electrical Discussion
    I don't use many octagon boxes, but when I do, I mount them to sit flush with the finished wall surface (obviously, i guess). The problem I've had is, using 1.5" deep octagon box and coming into it with 1/2" EMT on the side, the box connector and EMT offset project beyond the stud. This means...
  6. Remodel can lights with EMT/flex

    General Electrical Discussion
    Im laying out 6" recessed lighting for an apartment. Using remodel cans in old plaster ceilings will be enough of a PITA, but I'm wondering what the best way to run into them. Being remodels, i guess its inevitable that ill need to run some amount of flex. Can I use a flex to EMT fitting at...
  7. First panel

    Commercial Electrical Forum
    First panel. Been working for six weeks. Looking for comments, criticism, suggestions and what ever else you guys come up with! Cheers! http://imgur.com/sIQQaIq http://imgur.com/AjIhW1n http://imgur.com/Uymtccn
  8. bonding question - exposed EMT

    General Electrical Discussion
    I just partially rewired someone's garage. They had some NMB cable running through a piece of EMT that wasn't connected to anything else. I am thinking I need to bond this piece of pipe. (It goes overhead to another garage behind the one I rewired. Gotta love the maintenance man.) Anyway, I am...
  9. EMT layout?

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    I am trying to find out if there is any tool that can help me layout EMT so when I make bends I can index the rotation from bend to bend exactly. It seems like whenever I make a three bend saddle I can't quite get the bends perfect. Do you guys have a tool you use? a technique? Does anyone...
  10. RMC tools

    Tools, Equipment and New Products
    what hand tools are needed for RMC/EMT and what would you recommend.
  11. EMT into the slab, rusted, how to fix?

    General Electrical Discussion
    I've got a single story slab school with EMT embedded in the slab. What idiot architect/engineer/electrical contractor thought EMT was a good idea is beyond me. Anyway, it's starting to rust out at or just below floor level. The worst group is about 6 1/2" and 3/4" conduits in a janitor's...