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  1. Hydropower is really a renewable energy source ! Why

    Alternative Energy Forum
    So they all say hydropower is a renewable energy source. Hydropower is considered renewable energy (https://www.energy.gov/eere/water/how-hydropower-works Wiki classifies hydro as renewable: Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on...
  2. Working in the heat

    Workplace Safety
    Tomorrow It's going to be 98 degrees out with 80% humidity at the site I'll be at. Whenever I'm on this job I end up getting sluggish by 12 and my work suffers. I've inly been working for a few moths and the heat still kills me. Tomorrow I'm going to be putting up a trough and pulling about 200...
  3. Energy saving

    General Electrical Discussion
    Australia has a problem with its power system. We should start changing our electricity usage patterns or we will pay more later. What do you reckon? see here http://www.thebull.com.au/articles/a/42874-act-now-on-australia's-power-system-or-pay-more-later.html
  4. Energy Efficiency projects

    UK Electrical Forum
    Hi I'm just wondering, what reaction do you normally get when you offer your customers energy efficiency related upgrades? We've just set up a new investment arm to our business, which is there to help contractors secure more business from their customers, without being so reliant on their...
  5. Journeyman Electrician w/B.S. in Electronics Technologies

    General Electrical Discussion
    Just wondering for any other IBEW professionals out their. I have over ten years exp. as a J.W. and ran many jobs along with an A.A.S. in Construction Technology and B.S. in Electronic Systems Technologies majoring in Automation and Network Infrastructure. Basically I'm wanting an Electrical...
  6. Propose an LED based general lighting

    Lighting Design
    There are some who swear that LEDs are more efficient and superior to fluorescent for general lighting, but I firmly believe that LEDs just do not even come close to being competitive with fluorescent system for general lighting. I think LEDs have an edge in single digit wattage accent...
  7. Planning on a new transformer

    General Electrical Discussion
    The transformer at my company is 20 years old and I am wondering if it is time to change it. Our energy requirement is due to increase by a good 30% in the coming year and so am beginning the panning. There is lots of news of energy efficient transformers and am wondering if we should opt for...